3 Forex Lessons From Citrus Fruits

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3 Forex Lessons From Citrus Fruits

Apparently we as a trader can learn a lot from a Citrus:

1. Besides Orange tastes delicious, can be eaten as a fruit or drunk to relieve thirst, citrus fruit is a fruit full of vitamins and health benefits for our bodies. Same with Forex which became one of the investment instruments can nourish our finances as long as lived diligently and with discipline. The key is our diligence and discipline as a trader. Diligently live it, persistent to face the various challenges that occur in a Forex trading and discipline in running trading in accordance with the strategies and systems that we use.

2. But just like citrus fruits, unripe or raw oranges can cause many diseases for those who consume oranges. Now you imagine if you enter a BUY / SELL position on Forex, but it turns out the forex signal is not yet mature, then you are playing guessing. You are violating the rules or systems that are your role model. And consequently the position will make you sick to the stomach to see the direction of price movements that turned out to be opposite to the direction of the current price trend.

Therefore the key is patient. Be patient waiting for forex signals to match the system you are using before entering into a position. Enter BUY / SELL position before the signal is mature will make dizzy seven around. Remember that entering a position early does not guarantee you a better price or position.

3. Now you try to imagine if the fruit is too mature or rotten, is it still delicious and berkasiat? Certainly not. Overly ripe oranges will tend to be rotten and will be harmful to our health and taste was not delicious. Citrus fruits can become rotten because it has passed its time.

Similar to Forex trading, if you see a price that goes up or down too far, then you are desperate to get into a BUY / SELL position to pursue the price, it would be dangerous if it turns out the price has already reached its highest or lowest point. The price tends to correction up to certain support and resistance points, and your position will be floating. If it turns trend reversed direction, then you have no other choice to accept the loss of position is too mature.

Nature is created to inspire our lives, let us learn from the implicit meaning. Hopefully this article useful.

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