3 Important Criteria for Choosing the Best Forex Broker

3 Important Criteria for Choosing the Best Forex Broker

Dizziness in choosing the right forex broker company. In this article, you will know the steps in choosing a trusted forex broker.

The drum of the 2014 general election has begun. The new legislative elections have passed, but the atmosphere of the 2014 elections is still not gone because there are still presidential elections in a moment.

Of the many political parties and legislative candidates who are running for office. Of course, you choose the best party that can realize your aspirations. How are the tips for choosing the best legislative members, presidential candidates or political parties?

  1. Get to know your chosen candidate by gathering as much information as possible.
  2. Learn about the behavior of your chosen candidate.
  3. Get to know the vision and mission.
  4. Learn how you made the vote.

Speaking of forex trading, in general, it is definitely talking about forex brokers who are intermediaries to make it easier for you to trade. Do you realize, choosing the legislative member, the presidential candidate or the best political party bears the resemblance as you choose the best forex broker?

Like choosing a presidential candidate, of course, you choose the best, right? Likewise, with forex brokers, you must choose the best for your trading to be maximum.

The following tips on choosing the best forex broker.

1. Recognize the Legality of the Broker of Your Choice

Forex Broker’s legality is very important in choosing a forex broker. Make sure the brokerage company is registered with an Indonesian legal entity. Track the legality and membership of the futures brokerage company through the Futures Clearing website.

So, before you think of depositing your money with one of the forex brokers. Make sure the forex broker has clear legality.

2. Learn the Security of the Fund

Fund security is one of the most important things in you choosing the best forex broker. Never give up a large number of your funds to someone who only claims that the forex broker is legally registered.

Make sure that the account number for your fund transfer is a separate account or commonly called a segregated account. Make sure registered in the Indonesian Futures Clearing. Funds stored in a separate account will not be misused by futures forex brokers, because only you have access to the account. 

3. Get to know the agreement and products traded.

After that, you must study and sign the Agreement and Notification Document for the Risk. Make sure you understand what you are handling. If you don’t understand, don’t hesitate to ask your marketing. Then before you start trading forex, you must learn what products you want to trade forex and the rules related to the product. You must never trade one of these products but don’t understand the rules. Examples include leverage, margin, margin call, rollover and so on.


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