A Beginners Retailer’s Journey

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A Beginners Retailer’s Journey

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A Beginners Retailer’s Journey

Beginning start this Forex business, of course because of interest about the results that can be obtained. Yes, you are lured by unlimited income. It can even exceed the salary of a director of a company. Calculations on paper give a special attraction.

Imagine, you can get money Rp 1 Million per day and in a matter of 22 days of forex trading session you can get Rp 22 Million per month. Interesting right? Especially the capital used is only small, call it Rp 5 Million. You can be financially free if at least the minimum revenue of Rp 22 Million per month. And if you count in one year, then your income could reach Rp 280 Million per year.

Tempted by the lure of this, a beginner trader usually go straight into the market without knowing the science of forex that can eventually lead them into losses. Like me, when starting forex trading with minimal knowledge. Enter the market just follow-up friends and without knowing how far the risks to be faced.

As a novice trader, I or maybe you think trading is an opportunity. Yes, chances are 50-50. The assumption of profit opportunities 50 and loss 50 is always in the minds of beginner traders. But in reality, the success rate of traders is at the level of only 10% and the remaining 90% failed. Lho koq can?

Then as a beginner trader, you may think you have found a good trading system that can be used to achieve profit. You have a confidence level of up to 80-90% of your trading system. But in reality, you still fail to achieve or increase your chances of success. Then you are frustrated with your trading system and trying to find a new trading system.

Beginner traders are only introduced to a chart that used the source of trading information as if capable of leading it to success. A graph with a value or historical level is considered to be the source of all the profits that can be gained in the forex business. But in fact, many questions arise koq prices can rise / fall when this is so. Or moving price does not match their trading position.

There are still many mindsets or mindsets that are too simple for a trader to get into this forex business. Forex science becomes the main know before you trade forex.

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