A Glimpse of Expert Advisors and How to Get It

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A Glimpse of Expert Advisors and How to Get It

Forex robot

Forex robot

As far as our observations, online forex trading began booming around 2005 when the MetaTrader 4 (MT4) trading platform built by MetaQuotes Software, a software company from Russia, is getting massive because it is lightweight and gives users the flexibility to tamper with the various features available. But this does not mean before MetaTrader was born there is no online trading platform.

Even users who understand the world of programming can participate in developing various indicators of technical analysis and trading robot or better known as Expert Advisor (EA). For some, building indicators and EAs is a fertile business field because other users can buy all of them from them.

EA is a software written specifically in the MetaQuotes Language Version 4 (MQL4) programming language for the MetaTrader platform, whether MT4 or its sister MT5. As the name implies, EA can be made only for as a trader advisor regarding the taking of trading positions or other information, such as about the end of a trading session or the release of economic data, or it may be programmed to automatically execute trades such as demo or live accounts.

Why is EA popular?

One of the things that many people want including you is making the money that is currently working to make more money. Well, with an EA that often contains only a few simple binary rules (yes / no) which then becomes a trading order, you can also let your money work for you.

The above convenience factor makes EA increasingly popular in the world. Coupled with the passive attraction of investment offered in part by EA creators and marketers. Because their retail investment world seems small, investment regulators fail to oversee EA marketing.

Even over time, EA marketers are increasingly aggressive in offering their trading systems with returns that will make the hedge funds jealous because the cost of EA is usually very much cheaper than the commissions applied by the fund managers.

Where can I get EA?

There is a lot of information about EAs that roam the virtual universe. Starting from free EA to paid. But for the free and good it seems not easy to get because the rule is generally there is no free lunch. On the other hand, with the aggressiveness of EA marketers, your search may also end up in paid EA but perform poorly.

In short, it’s easy to find a good EA, you have to be willing to invest time, thought and energy as well as funds that may not be small to get the EA you want.


expert advisors

expert advisors

Lucky GKInvest understands your needs. The trusted broker located in Kuningan, South Jakarta provides and provides free set of special indicators and EA for its customers.

There are 15 technical indicators and 12 EA summarized in MT4 Booster for GKInvest customers trading with minimum fund of US $ 2,500. As part of excellent service to its customers, GKInvest also provides a detailed tutorial on how to use MT4 Booster.

Not only that, all the indicators and EA summarized in MT4 Booster have been through backtest and everything will be very useful for its users.

Now save your time, no need to tire of surfing the internet in order to get an indicator and EA that can facilitate your trading because GKInvest already provide it. Now also ask GKInvest customer service to give a detailed and comprehensive explanation about MT4 Booster which will facilitate your trading.

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