Afraid to bankrupt Forex trading, portfolio risk management will help you!

Afraid to bankrupt Forex trading, portfolio risk management will help you!

Trading forex is not about right or wrong, but about seeing the market in probability.Dare to trade the sign you have dared to act to put the hard earned money in a market that has risks. Which market has a higher change or the possibility of price action will benefit someone but also accompanied by risk and management rules.The point is that trading is not a rich quick scheme.

Conversely, trading is a step of mastering techniques to maintain one’s capital.When someone learns how to manage risk and develop capital, profits will come naturally. While when someone is only focused on making a profit, there are only losses that are earned. The key to trading is a combination of trading systems that provide the right excellence, risk management, and psychology.

A trader is a risk manager. His job is to protect capital and manage trading risks. In trading, loss is part of the business and must be accepted as the cost of doing business. A business has income and costs, and costs will always be issued, but as long as the income is greater than the cost, then at the end of the day it is still profitable.

Trading results can be measured in the “process” of trade, not based on trade.Many cases of beginner traders forget one of the most important things, namely risk management. Yes, often this risk management is ignored by new trading due to unwillingness to take losses. This is because of the hope that things get better or the position returns to break even. The number one reason for many traders’ failures is poor risk management and overleveraging.

Set Your Own Trading Risk

Afraid to bankrupt Forex trading, portfolio risk management will help you!

Understanding the problems of beginner traders is risk management, Portfolios provide solutions to this. Portfolio is a platform that will help beginner or newbie traders to meet experienced traders and can share the results of their trading analysis to optimize their trading results.

Not only that, for newbies who do not understand the world of FX trading, can access the education features in the portfolio there will be an explanation of the basics of forex trading and why choose forex trading and comparison with other investment instruments.

There’s more, Portfolios also provide features that can make it easier for novice traders who don’t have much time to trade. This feature is called copy trade. By using a trade copy, in addition to copying the copy results from the master trader, you can also set the trading risk yourself. This will certainly help in minimizing harm. The maximum risk that you can take 30%, with the risk management, you will not immediately experience 100% loss.

Interesting right? For that, please visit the Portfolio website and register now to enjoy trading features that will realize your dreams in the future.

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