Applications That You Should Own If You Want to Become a Forex Trader

Applications That You Should Own If You Want to Become a Forex Trader

Forex trading is a trade that involves foreign currencies from various countries. If the first trading done by manual, but along with the development of technology, forex trading also helped renew its trading methods one of which is to utilize communication technologies such as computers and smartphones .

A trader not only take advantage of a computer device as a tool forex analyzer or open sell or open buy only. This growing technology can make traders easier in analyzing the currency market. One of the technologies closest to us everyday is the android phone.

For traders alone if there are 4 applications that must be owned to meet your trading needs and you must have. If we have the application installed on our android which means we can monitor the forex market situation, analyze and also conduct transactions wherever and whenever. 4 applications that must be owned by the trader in this android phone can be downloaded in play stor e for free. All you need is an internet connection to download and run the application. Here are 4 such applications.


Metatrader can now be installed on your android. Traders just simply enter our MT4 account along with the password and trader is connected to the forex market. The usefulness of this MT4 application is that it can be used to monitor ploating, profit, balance, credit, margin and more. Almost the same function with Metatrader on the computer that traders use. Metatrader deficiency is only on the custom indicator. Metatrader provides if the trader wants to install custom indicators, install themes and expert advisors. It only requires metatrader built-in indicators like Moving Average, Parabolic Sar, Sticasthic to analyze the market via android phone.

Forex investing

This application can provide some information about the latest forex news, forex calendar and currency bid. This application can help traders analyze the market based on fundamental analysis. So traders can read news wherever you want.

Forex Currency Strength Meter

In accordance with the given name, the Forex Currency Strength Meter application will give the trader information the strength of a currency. Strenght Signal Currency in android called as Currency Strengh Meter. This application helps traders to know which currencies are weakened and strengthened.


This application can provide technical analysis and fundamental analysis. Although this application is sometimes quite slow but can be taken into consideration to open position.

Forex Trader PRO

The best forex application hereinafter is Forex Trader PRO. This application is a trading application that can be used in various platforms that can be used as a reference for people who want to plunge into the world of forex trading. This app is compatible for both Windows and Apple PCs. Some of the features available in it are Automate your trading strategies, Stay on top of market, Advance charting includes and Acces real time. In addition to PC and Apple, this application can be used on Iphone, android or blackberry.

Having applications that support your trading will be easier to monitor the market, monitor assets and make trading. 5 android applications must be owned by the trader for the trading process goes well. If you use these 5 applications then your trading process is faster and successful.

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