Be aware of the Seven Harmful Traders’ Failures

Be aware of the Seven Harmful Traders’ Failures


Be aware of the Seven Harmful Traders’ Failures

There are many signs that must be passed by Beginner Traders. Because plunging into the forex business can endanger your capital entirely. Certain mistakes can keep traders away from their investment goals. Many traders fail for the same reason. The extreme use of leverage provided by the broker, and the relatively small amount of capital (margin) for forex trading, refuse to make a small loss. Here are seven common trader failures:


The biggest mistake any trader can make is to let emotions control the trading decisions. Being a successful forex trader means achieving great profits after a while suffering many small losses. Experiencing many losses in a row is emotionally disturbing and can test the trader’s patience and conviction.

Trying to beat the market or greedy can lead to short and slight wins and let losses in trading run out of control. Conquering emotions can be achieved by trading according to the trading plan so that it can help in maintaining the discipline of trading.

Trading Without a Plan

“Failing to plan means planning to fail”. Yes this maxim applies in every trading conducted. Successful traders work in a documented plan that includes the rules of risk management and determines the expected return on investment that is return on investment (ROI). Following a trading plan plus a trading system can help investors avoid some of the most common trading errors.

Learn from Trial Error

The most expensive way to learn forex trading is through trial and error. Finding a suitable trading strategy by learning from mistakes, not an efficient way for forex trading.

The most efficient way to become a successful forex trader is by accessing an experienced trader’s experience. This can be done through formal education as well as trading through a mentor relationship. One of the best ways to perfect your skills is to imitate a successful trader, especially when you add your own hours of practice.

Failure to Adapt to Market

Although the market is open 24 hours in 5 trading days per week, you must make trading plan for every transaction and every day. That is to perform technical analysis and make scenarios of price movements and anticipation scenarios if prices move the opposite for every market situation. Trading scenarios with all market conditions can reduce the potential for major risks. Dynamic markets are able to present new opportunities and risks. Successful traders are able to adapt to market changes and modify their strategies to adjust to the market.


No matter what people say, forex trading is not a scheme to get rich quick. To be successful, you should always try to master the strategies used and your personal suit. Your investment or trading objectives should be realistic according to your capabilities and capital. For example, your capital is only $ 100 and you target the results to $ 1000 in one month, then you should be a professional trader who dedicate themselves in this forex business. And not a beginner trader, a new forex trading.

Low Risk and Money Management

Traders should also focus on risk management as they develop strategies or trading systems to be used. Most traders trade without risk protection and distance themselves from the use of stop loss and similar tactics for fear of exiting the market too early.

Successful professional traders know exactly how much investment capital they will risk and how much should be used, linked to the expected outcomes. Traders can also diversify pairs (not just on one pair) to protect capital from uncertain losses. The trick is to divide their accounts separately. Creating a separate account can also ensure that low probability and bad trading can not destroy their overall trading account.

After knowing the seven failures of this perilous trader, you should start making things orderly and organized. So you can achieve your targeted investment objectives.

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