Best Time for Forex Trading

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Actually what is meant by the best time is the answer is relative. The answer depends on what type and type of trading you are. In the material we will try to study and find out the type of trader and what trading model is suitable for you, but now we will study and try to choose the best time for forex trading. So you will have at least a complete picture and can determine when the time and day that best suits you.

Let’s look at the following daily pip movement table

From the table above, it can be seen that Wednesday, Thursday and Friday is the time when the market is crowded and busy, so  when is the best time and time for forex trading.

  • The European session is the busiest and most busy time.
  • When Overlapping provides high volatility and liquidity, this is your chance to make a profit in a short time.
  • Midweek (Wednesday, Thursday, Friday) Where pip movement is at its highest value

Time is not suitable for forex trading

  • For you aggressive type, the Asian market becomes less exciting because of its low volatility and liquidity.
  • On Saturdays, the market will close soon (after the afternoon session of the American market).
  • Moments in which events happen at the World (World Cup, Olympics and others) could make the market quiet, because the attention of traders shifts.
  • During your sleep hours. Consider this so that you are not constantly blinded by trading.

Tables are piped according to market sessions

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