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Successful Forex Trader Capital

Did you know that almost all professional singers stay away from cold water (ice) to protect their voices, especially before the performance?Did you know that professional athletes go on a strict diet (in the sense of regulating nutritional intake) and fitness training exceeds ordinary people to maintain their body condition? They do all that to be the best in their field. Then what about you as a forex trader ?

Did you know that forex traders also need to maintain health? Oh, you don’t know? Maybe because you think that the profession as a forex trader does not require stamina as well as swimming or soccer athletes. Hm … if you think like that: wrong. A trader – especially forex who “lives” 24 hours a day, 5 days a week – absolutely has a fit body to support a fresh brain.

Why Need to Maintain Stamina?

Yes, it is true that forex trading activities do not involve high physical activity such as playing football or lifting weights. Even a forex trader can trade comfortably from his soft mattress.

In reality trading requires high concentration, focus and alertness. It’s true that the brain plays a role, but did you know that body fitness can affect brain performance? That is, without a fit body, it will be difficult for you to concentrate, focus and have a high level of alertness.

Professor Art Kramer, director of the Beckman Institute for Advanced Science and Technology from the University of Illinois, as quoted by revealed that moderate exercise such as walking or cycling regularly will improve your memory and your ability to solve problems. Apparently, physical exercise like that can increase the size of certain parts of our brain. That’s just a small sample and benefits. Please search on Google, there are many references to the close relationship between physical fitness and the ability of a person’s brain.

Fatigue, lethargy and fatigue can limit your ability to pay attention to details. You will tend to make mistakes such as not following the trading plan, miscalculating the position amount (lot) when trading, or even wrong clicking on your trading platform! For example you want to “buy” but instead click on the “sell” button. Unfortunately, the price continued to move up. Oh, no!

A body that is not fit can also cause laziness. You become lazy to sit in front of your computer or laptop to analyze and look for opportunities from price movements. Finally, many opportunities are missed, even though it should be easy enough for you to use.

It’s annoying, isn’t it?

So, How to maintain fitness?

Being fit doesn’t mean having to have a body as big and as big as Ade Rai, or Vin Diesel and Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson who is famous for the movie “Fast and Furious”. No.

Being fit is simple, it’s as simple as maintaining health.

Eat enough nutritious food and do light exercise to facilitate blood circulation and maintain stamina so you don’t get tired easily. Even simple exercise you can do as long as you want to get up from the chair and walk out of the house. No need to be too heavy. Walking or jogging, or cycling for 30 minutes per day is enough. If you are able and willing, you may take the gym once or twice a week.

Swimming is also good for maintaining fitness. When swimming, all your body muscles move. It doesn’t take too long, just 30 minutes to practice.But you have to be consistent, don’t get to the pool you only use 10 minutes to swim and 20 minutes to “wash your eyes” …

Body & Soul

Maintaining mental health is also important. Get enough sleep, it’s a must. Avoid consuming alcohol, especially drugs (this also includes marijuana, Bro! Marijuana only makes the brain slow ).

Stop also filling your mind with things that aren’t important. Never mind, stop watching or read gossip about artist A divorcing artist B because artist B is having an affair with artist C then B and C get married while artist A then goes out with artist D …

If you have personal problems, complete it as quickly as possible before starting forex trading activities. Mix with people who can give you positive value.

Reading books or playing music in your spare time can also recharge your mind. Oh yes, forex traders must also have free time. Don’t let your day hang out in front of a price monitor.

You can also take breathing exercises such as yoga, Chi Kung, or the like.Good for practicing concentration. And of course: worship is the most effective way to fill the soul. The profession as a forex trader is very stressful , only to Him is where we complain.


It’s easy to lose emotional control when you’re trading forex .Remember, trading is like a marathon, long distance. Marathon runners never run fast like a sprinter . The first thing is not speed, but high stamina to get to the finish. In a marathon, the speed becomes secondary.

So, just relax. There is still plenty of time left.

Happy exercise. Mens there in corpore sano.

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