Brexit: 5 Things You Must Discuss in Negotiations

Brexit: 5 Things You Must Discuss in Negotiations

The UK and the European Union officially start divorce negotiations on Monday, June 19, 2017. The initial negotiations on Brexit take place on that date. There are many things that must be discussed by both parties – Britain and the European Union – in less than two years, but the five most important things include the following:

  1. Trading

Britain will be the first country to leave the European Union. When he was a member of the European Union, Britain could enjoy free trade with all EU member states which accounted for 44% of its export market.The European Union’s free market is also a place where Britain buys 53% of its import needs.

Divorce with the European Union means that the UK will no longer be able to enjoy free access to the single market.

There is a possibility that the UK will still be able to gain access to the EU market but with certain conditions: they have to pay for it. However, this requires agreement in other areas. It could also be negotiating a new trade agreement.

Prime Minister Theresa May wants to start negotiations on the issue of trade relations, but the structure of the negotiations carried out on Monday turned out to require discussion on other issues first.

If no agreement is reached until March 2019, the UK will inevitably deal with the high costs that must be spent on trade.

  1. Immigration

Theresa May is committed to reducing the number of European immigrants coming to England. But this seems to limit its flexibility in negotiating. The European Union needs access from its member countries to carry out free trade and that also means freedom in terms of human traffic.

There are other problems that have the potential to emerge from the May commitment, given that there are several key sectors in the UK economy that depend on migrant workers.

Meanwhile, the UK unemployment rate is currently touching its lowest level in 40 years. Whereas many companies engaged in health, technology and construction are currently short of workers. One way to meet this need is to open a tap for migrant workers.

  1.  Divorce Fee 

The European Union hopes Britain will respect its commitment as a member by paying “the last bill”.

EU member states pay fees that will be used for infrastructure projects, social activities, scientific research, agricultural subsidies and pension funds for former EU bureaucrats. Funds for these matters are negotiated to cover needs in one period, while the ongoing agreement will be valid until 2020.

The European Union has not set official figures, but there are estimates that it can reach 100 billion euros or about 112 billion dollars.

  1. Citizens’ Rights

Both sides – Britain and the European Union – want to continue to protect the rights of millions of people living in Britain or Europe.

The numbers turned out to be quite large. No fewer than 3 million citizens from European Union member countries live in the UK, while there are 1.2 million British citizens living in various EU countries.

The European Union also wants to guarantee life-long access to pensions and health insurance.

  1. Borders with Ireland

The Irish border will be the point discussed at the beginning of the negotiations.

Both parties want no “hard boundaries” between the Republic of Ireland (which will still remain a member of the European Union after Brexit ), and Northern Ireland (which is British territory).

Irish citizens today still enjoy the freedom to cross the border between the two regions (Republic of Ireland and Northern Ireland). They are also still free to do business and utilize existing facilities in both regions.

The freedom to cross the border is a key point from the Good Friday Agreement in 1998 which succeeded in bringing peace to Northern Ireland after a decade of conflict.

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