Consider Trading Strategies Based on Financial and Financial Astrology

Consider Trading Strategies Based on Financial and Financial Astrology

Trading is a job that aims to make a profit. To get profits and success in trading, you need to have a mature plan like analyzing market movements, calculating the number of lots that you will use and many more. Before you start trading, you must have a trading strategy.


Consider Trading Strategies Based on Financial and Financial Astrology

Trading strategy is a collection of rules that contain how you will enter and exit when trading. Trading strategies generally come from experience because it analyzes the market with the help of technical and fundamental analysis. But you know besides trading strategies from experience and analysis results, there are also trading strategies that are practically unique, namely trading strategies based on fengshui and financial astrology. Curious? let’s just look at the explanation below:

Trading based on fengsui

Since 1992 a financial research institute from Hong Kong named CLSA published a feng shui legend entitled feng shui index for the Hang Seng stock market. This Feng Shui is based on the map of the year of destiny and the date of birth of the index hangs zinc (November 24, 1969, earth Rooster). Reportedly, this index is quite in demand until CLSA holds investor forums in various countries ranging from China, Japan to India. Well of course you are curious about what this feng Shui legend is like? it turns out the contents are not about positioning the laptop right when trading. Even this feng shui index also does not mention what luck objects need to be brought while open buy or sell.

The contents of feng shui are nothing but related to how the market’s performance predicts every month and which sectors will appear prime in certain months. For example, in the 2017 feng shui index, CLSA predicts that sectors related to earth elements, such as the property industry, natural resources and renewable energy, will show their potential in the third quarter. This Feng shui index can be said to have high interest. Proven so famous that CLSA has successfully won as an award, including Thomson Reuters The StarMine Analyst Award 2015. However, please note, if this index only covers the stock market.This is because in this legend there is no mention of the fate of the US Dollar, Pounds, Euros, Yen, or rupiah.

The following are some things that can be considered in feng shui trading strategies such as:

  1. Does the birth chart of traders have a match in trading
  2. Your best direction can be applied in this case to increase your luck as much as possible
  3. Distinguish places to trade between chi to chase money (real trading) and chi in game (trading option)
  4. Time, with a vulnerable selection of the right time according to the stocks you choose, either to buy or sell
  5. Element, each company has its own element. By knowing the nature of the element we can reduce it so that in the selection of a stock it will give positive energy to what is chosen

Trading astrology

Besides trading strategies with feng shui there are also those who use astrology.Like not wanting to miss the western astrologers, the market forecast is based on the movements of planets and stars. This topic appeared in the writings of Khit Wong from Trine Aspect at FXStreet. It is said that the planets move 24 hours in the sky and continuously give signals about the financial market. This astrological strategy is said to provide precise time information. Even up to the hour when stocks / forex will fly.

An example of a case of applying this trading strategy to astrology is when Uranus passed the Aries on May 28, 2010, that date coincided with the beginning of the Dow Jones bullish market until a few years later. Similar events are not just once. previously, when Uranus passed through the island on March 11, 2003, the Dow Jones Industrial Index (DJIA) also shot strongly. Conversely, bearish conditions are signaled by the movement of mercury. When mercuria moved across the Gemini on May 15, 2013, it marked a low level for EUR / USD

Now that’s the discussion of trading strategies based on fengshui and astrology.For the application of astrological or fengshui based trading strategies, you can say that you need a reliable astrologer first. Only after that may you be able to apply in everyday trading. So this discussion may be useful

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