Continuing the Journey of Making Money

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Continuing the Journey

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In the end, it’s not about the money. It never is.
In the classic Charles Dickens’ story, “A Christmas Carol”, old man Scrooge had lots of money, but no friends. In the story, he was given the blessing of a dream that fore-told his
future, and having seen where he was headed, he changed his direction!
In a more modern version, the movie “Jerry McGuire” created the famous line, “Show me the money!”, but in the end, the Tom Cruise character walked away from the money in favor of love, ethics, and friendship. It’s never about the money!

As we studied in the beginning, money is simply a convenient way to measure and transfer value. Money is a number that represents your contribution, your effort and your skill. If you collect lots of it, and put it under your mattress or bury it in your backyard, I would argue that both financially and personally, you have truly wasted your life. Yes, you might buy nice toys, a big house, or take some fancy trips around the world, but of what use is that?

Life is meant to be invested. Our lives are meant to create value, to make a difference. I want to cast a long shadow, to leave footprints in the sand where I have walked. I want to be remembered, and to do that, I must contribute to my community.
There are as many ways to contribute as there are people. Your talents and interests are unique, and I would never try to tell another person the “right” way for them to participate in our  community. Some will create jobs or build homes and apartments, others contribute to charitable foundations or create educational scholarships. Some, like President Carter, retire early and spend 20 years building homes for Habitat for Humanity. Others mentor children, or invest in struggling young businesses to help them grow.

Whatever is right for you, find a way to make a difference.
Whether you refer to it as God or the Universe or just as Life, there is something that does not want you to be poor. You need not be poor in spirit, poor in opportunity, or poor in finances.
We will not all control vast fortunes, but we all have the ability, and the response-ability, to accumulate wealth. And, having done so, we have the obligation to use it wisely and do something magnificent with it!
What will you do with your fortune?

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