Definition of Investment You Need to Know

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Definition of Investment You Need to Know

With the rapid development in the social media side, now young people are constantly being updated with info and even news around the world. Does this have a positive or negative impact? This certainly depends on each individual. What is certain is that what we cannot avoid is the convenience given to young people now in getting various kinds of information.

Social media certainly also encourages major changes in the economy both nationally and globally, one of which is in the form of investment. Investment is something that should be considered. In general, investment is often interpreted by the general public as investing funds made by both companies and individuals within a certain period of time to obtain greater returns in the future. Investments can be done in many forms such as, houses, land, buildings, machinery, materials, stock, bonds, mutual funds, forex, gold, education and many more.

With so many types of investments available, the following questions should be asked. For young people which type of investment is good? Of course the choice for this form of investment is a relative question and indeed adjusted to the individual. At, there is an interesting phenomenon that has occurred in the Indonesia Stock Exchange (IDX) in recent years. It was found that the Capital Market Portfolio is now not dominated by adults, but is dominated by millennials under the age of 30 years.

Based on a report at the Indonesian Central Securities Depository (KSEI), in 2017 young investors dominated 30.06% of the total investors on the stock exchange totaling 1,118,913 investors. Of the 30.06%, 3.82% was taken by teenagers aged 20 years and 26.24% was taken by young people aged 21-30 years (source: From this data, we can see that there have been many enthusiasts in the young world in the capital market. Can this be a trend? With the passage of time this might happen.

This data can be a reference for young people to try to enter the capital market more. Because of course many of them have tried. But keep in mind that investment can take the form of many things, the capital market is one type that can be entered by young people. Investment awareness should be started early, in the current development it is no longer the time for those who understand about investment are only established adults and those who are retiring. While investment should be taught to those who are young so they can improve their lives.

Some reasons why young people understand investment. That is, investment requires time, and which time is better than when we were young. In addition, those who are under 30 years of age have not been freed and have no dependents such as installments. So that there is a large amount of money held by those who are still young. This makes young people a good target for investing. And of course investment can provide quite a lot of benefits for them.

Therefore, do not underestimate investment while still young, but start looking for the appropriate form of investment so that the investment process can begin as soon as possible.

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