Do not Underestimate Psychology in Forex Trading

Do not Underestimate Psychology in Forex Trading

We all must have known this wisdom sentence: “The strongest man is the man who is able to control himself”. But maybe until now we can not become the strongest human being as mentioned earlier.

Self-control is very important to our lives. In all the joints of human life, without the ability of self-control, in the end humans tend toward failure.

How many human beings who, since their youthful achievement, had a brilliant career, but in the end had to deal with corruption eradication agencies. That is just one example of human failure controlling itself.

Take note of ourselves and the people around us, identify who has failed and succeeded in his life and then check whether he belongs to a man who has good self-control or not. Like or dislike, self-control is a foundation of our success as a human being.

Maybe since childhood we have a lot to learn about how to control ourselves. The education we have gained from parents, teachers both in religious schools and public schools, friends and colleagues up to college and colleagues. But perhaps only a handful of the lessons we actually apply in our daily lives.

Similarly in the world of trading. It is almost certain that those who succeed in their trading portfolio, whether they are a stock trader, a forex trader, a commodity trader or otherwise, are those who understand the psychology of trading and are able to control themselves, overcome the fear and greed that become a disease for traders.

Mastering the psychology of trading is one of the most difficult elements, but unfortunately received less attention. Though the course of trading psychology should be the first lesson in discussing how to trade forex, stocks, commodities and others, regardless of whether the trading is only for business part-time from home or to be a professional business.

While there are many books, websites, and other sources of science that discuss trading strategies, very little is written specifically about trading psychology, especially for short-term traders or active daily term.

This may be due to the fact that most technical traders, such as day traders and swing traders, tend to be more mathematically oriented, because they are less interested in social subjects such as psychology. However, ignoring the psychology of trading will almost guarantee your failure to learn how to be a trader who is consistently profitable.

Therefore, through this site we try to raise this important topic that is rarely discussed by traders in this country. We do not mean to patronize traders, just share our knowledge and experience also experience other traders.

Given the breadth of the scope of trading psychology, we will cover it in several papers. Hopefully not boring and we also really hope the suggestions and comments from traders colleagues

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