EUR / USD Forex Simple System

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EUR / USD Forex Simple System

Forex trading strategy The EUR / USD Simple System is built using two technical indicators that are easy to install on MT4 platforms by anyone.

As the most-traded currency pair in the forex market, there are certainly a lot of trading strategies EUR / USD that can be tested by the trader. Well, this time we will describe one of them, trading strategy EUR / USD Simple System is made by using two technical indicators.

Technical indicators used here are Moving Average Convergence-Divergence (MACD) and Parabolic SAR. Both technical indicators are already integrated in any trading platform Metatrader4 (MT4) broker, so all traders can install templates for the EUR / USD Simple System strategy without much difficulty.

Currency / Pair: EUR / USD.
Time Frame: 30M

  • MACD (setting 12, 26, 9 – Close)
  • Parabolic SAR (setting 0.02, 0.2 – Close)

Trading Rules EUR / USD Simple System:

Entry BUY: When Parabolic SAR gives an up signal and the MACD histogram crosses the line upward.

SELL Entry: When Parabolic SAR gives the signal down and the MACD histogram crosses the line down.

Exit: If there is a price signal will change direction or move in a different direction (reversal).

In implementing the EUR / USD Simple System strategy, you first need to understand the MACD and Parabolic SAR indicators. However, not all of the readings of these two indicators are used.

MACD indicators usually have three readings; but those monitored in this strategy are only histogram positions against the Moving Average line. When the histogram moves beyond the line upwards, it becomes a Buy signal; whereas when it goes over the line downwards, it’s a Sell signal.

While Parabolic SAR has two read-only techniques, all of which are used here. The first reading mode is when the Parabolic SAR points are below the price graph, then it is a Buy signal. Whereas if the Parabolic SAR points are above the price graph, then it is a Sell signal.

This is the EUR / USD Simple System strategy. Very simple is not it? To really master it, you can deepen the use of each indicator and train it to become truly proficient. Try it first in a demo account, then use it on your real estate account. Slowly, starting from the small lot first, then just bet the bigger capital after being proved really able to produce profit for you in a long time.

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