Financial challenges in the millennial era

Financial challenges in the millennial era

Unlike previous generations, millennials now face increasingly diverse and quite complex financial challenges. Starting from the use of credit cards to an increasingly consumptive lifestyle. Consider the following summary;

  1. Lack of Financial Knowledge
  2. Lifestyle Pressure
  3. Faced with Inflation
  4. Consumptive of Experience

One thing that is enough to sell for the millennials is experience. Unlike the habits of a few decades ago that made someone spend his money by buying objects or investing in immovable goods, the millennials felt that their money would be valuable if spent on an experience.

This financial challenge will also unconsciously haunt the millennials. The financial crisis does not only occur due to domestic financial problems. Inflation is also caused by the global financial crisis, such as oil prices and political decisions of a country.

Most young people in the millennial generation lack deep knowledge about finance.Both in the form of up-to-date information, variety of investments, credit card and loan traps, pawn goods, and so on. Whereas in this era, you will be faced with a variety of choices and creativity in the financial world.

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