Forex and Freedom

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Forex and Freedom are the main things that forex traders must understand. The routines you have to experience every day, from waking up in the morning, taking a shower, having breakfast, getting to work, working in the office to returning home often make your life monotonous. Not infrequently someone feels restrained because of his routine, and maybe you are one of them? Some times it may come to your mind, what if you are an office owner who is certainly not bound by the rules of an employee who must obey and even put a smile on his face while working. This dream does look beautiful, but still you have to go through many phases to reach this position right?

One alternative for those of you who want to get out of employee-style routines, of course being a forex trader is a breath of fresh air to be missed. By becoming a successful forex trader, you will feel freedom. Starting from being free of alarm sounds in the morning, traveling to the office until you have to continue to lick the boss in order to maintain a position in the office. Yes, this is not a dream, you can achieve it but not through shortcuts for sure.

Similarly, the desire to be a boss in a company, to achieve a position as a successful forex trader also requires some characteristics and abilities. For those of you who want to be free from someone who is bossy or a tense atmosphere in the office, here are some characteristics that you must have to successfully become a forex trader:

About Forex and Freedom


For those of you who do not spend years at the university, basic education remains an important and essential thing. You can take this education through forex courses, hire a coach or expert to learn forex yourself. Especially for the third choice, you must have more than enough discipline.


As with formal schools, studying theory alone is not the right choice. All theories learned must be practiced directly. When learning to drive a car, you must definitely drive it yourself, right? Now when you are studying theory about forex, you certainly cannot prevent yourself from practicing directly. Especially for forex training, using a forex demo account to learn analytical techniques is an important step.


Continuing to stick to a strategy is very important. This means that you don’t push yourself into a position and don’t run away from a position to calm yourself.For some time, this also means accepting that you don’t have to do anything. The discipline referred to here is different from the usual discipline in the office, even discipline in forex can be even harder.


Being a forex trader does not mean you have to be free from the name of supervision. To conduct periodic meetings, you do not have to go to the meeting room but you must regularly monitor your trading. Look, whether your transaction runs smoothly or not. In addition, this periodic meeting can also be key in strategy modification. For meeting time alone, it can be adjusted according to your wishes.

Now from the five characteristics above, do you think the fifth from the meaning of Forex and Freedom is significant to help become a successful forex trader?Could the five characteristics above be commensurate with the freedom you will get? Maybe you need other additional characteristics?

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