Forex Gann Grid Concept

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Forex Gann Grid Concept


Gann Grid is actually a kind of grid that looks at the first time we open mt4 contained in the chart view.

Perhaps many of the traders do not know about Gann Grid yet? Gann Grid is actually a kind of lattice that looks the first time we open mt4 contained in the chart display, where seen background boxes between vertical and horizontal line meeting. The Gann Grid can be said to resemble it, but here the lines cross diagonally.

Actually the function of the Gann Grid itself for what?
The Gann Grid can display a trends formed by a 45-degree angle (Gann Lines Law). According to Gann’s concepts, a line of 45 degrees may indicate a long-term trend line (up or down). When the price is above the rising line, the market maintains the bull / uptrend direction and if the price is below the line it indicates the market is in a bear / downtrend condition.

Gann line intersection points usually indicate the signals will change in the main trend. When the price declines towards this line during the uptrend, time and price become the right balance. Gann’s next junction is as evidence of the cessation of this balance and the possibility of a trend change.

To be able to call Gann Grid, you can see in the picture below.

Forex Gann Grid Concept

Forex Gann Grid Concept

After you click Forex Gann Grid from the Insert menu, place the cursor on the screen as follows:

Then please double click on the end of the Gann Grid line, it will appear three dots as shown in the picture above. Where is the point I have given the number and serves as follows:

  1. Works to place the initial position.
  2. Function to move the Gann Grid poem itself.
  3. Function to alter the angle and slope of Gann Grid. what you need to know is the corner Edge should lead to the empty position chart. How big is the angle?It’s up to you, because someday you will surely understand by itself. 🙂 The next stage, now let’s draw a horizontal line on each rhombic elbow, as shown in the picture below:


The function of the horizontal line, is as a map and the boundary of the movement of market breaks, sideways, reversal. Next we need to filter out unnecessary signals (false signals), using Channel or Trendline. Where is this channel that determines when we will open position. I try to take an example with a white dotted line trendline. Drag the trendline line from the top to the final trend, as seen in the picture below:

Hopefully the article on Gann Grid above can add your insight in offsetting the current market movement by filtering out false signals using trend lines., BUY NOW: $167 for a lifetime membership.