Forex Learning – Best days of the week to trade Forex

Forex Learning – Best Time For Weekly Forex Trading and Average Pips Movement

We already know the best timing considerations for daily trading. Right now, you should also know the best time or day for weekly trading.

Previously, we know that the London session is the busiest session of all other sessions, but there are also several days of the week in which all markets tend to show more movement.

Here is an average pip range chart for major currency pairs every day of the week:

forex signal

As you can see from the chart above, it might be better to trade in the middle of this week, because this is when the price action happens most.

Friday is usually busy until 00:00 pm and then the market movement will weaken until closing at 05.00 pm. This means we only work half a day on Fridays. In the financial sector, weekends always start early.

So based on all this, we have learned when it is the busiest and best day of the week to trade forex. The busiest period is usually the best time to trade because high volatility tends to bring more opportunities.

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