Forex Learning Can Use These 7 Mobile Applications

Forex Learning Can Use These 7 Mobile Applications

In today’s learning forex trading or having to read a super light book or by participating in training. For those of you who are beginners and want to learn forex in an easier way and can use your smartphone. How can? Of course this could be because now there are a variety of mobile applications that can help you in learning forex. Well here are some applications that you can use to learn forex such as:

  1. Babypips

This app provides a free, fun and easy to understand guide for forex beginners to learn how to trade in the forex market. This mobile version of the service provides direct access to the forex forum, where prospective traders go to learn everything from forex psychology to advanced charting techniques

  1. Forex tutorials

This one application has a main menu consisting of four menus such as education, demos, signals and articles. For beginners who want to trade using technical analysis can use the education menu. In this menu there is a description of how to understand and read graphs, candlesticks and some other indicators. The language offered by this application there are three namely England, Spain and Russia.

  1. Accurency

Accurancy Application is an application that you must try to learn forexMore over, this application can help and facilitate you in your trading activities.But you should know if Accurancy is a more focused application in providing information about exchange rate and currency movements in real time. So than for beginners, this application will be more useful for traders who already perform their activities in trading directly. This application can be downloaded and enjoyed for free through google play.

  1. Forex academy

The concept of this application is similar to the name such as college or forex school. So in addition to the materials there are also exams in the form of quizzes. Even after graduation you will get a diploma. To get this diploma you are required to fill out the registration form first. The menu available in this academy Forex application there are 8 menus. This menu consists of 5 pure material and the remaining three are registration forms to obtain diplomas, links to learn binary options and links to share this application. In general, this one application provides trading material that is simple and easy to understand by its users

  1. Forex trading Guide

The forex trading learning application is developed by trusted markets. The product itself is not just about learning forex trading, but also learning binary trading options, to learn about stock trading. This application you can download for free on google play. The main menu that is owned by Forex trading guide there are three namely academy, signal and calculator. The academy menu functions like a short lecture on forex trading that is explained through text. Another interesting thing about this app is the daily trading signal. So this Forex trading guide application will provide trading signals valid for one day for its users. These signals are considered telling by the users of this application that you can see through the review. Another advantage of Forex trading guide application is its forex calculator. This calculator can be used to calculate the position size, pips value to various indicators such as Fibonacci, retracement, pivot points and margin calculator

  1. Go forex

Go forex is an application that you can make an option. This 4.3-rated app is inspired by one of the popular ebook “Forex trading and secrets in 15 minutes.This application provides an easy way to become a reliable and professional trader with easy to understand explanations. In addition to make it look more attractive application also displays illustrations in the form of images. Go forex also provides QuiZ to test your knowledge of the material you have read. Latest news mentions if Go forex will soon release trading game to add excitement on this application.

  1. DJ FX Trader

Free apps from Dow Jones & company providing forex news and real time market discussions to help start trading ideas, as well as providing insight into the popularity of currencies and other valuable tools for forex trade.

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