Forex Signals Providers

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The Best Forex Signal Provider for Forex Trading (Free and Paid).


After you choose your forex broker and open a trading account, then get ready to get your hands dirty in the Forex market.

forex signals providers

But where exactly did you start?

If you are new to the Forex game then maybe you are already thinking of using forex trading signals. Of course, to help you trade and analyze the direction of the market. Following other people’s trades can obviously save a lot of time, material and energy. It also can teach you new trading methods and strategies.

forex signals providers

Sounds great so far, right? Let’s begin with that.

The hardest part is finding a signal provider that can be trusted and has been proven accurate. Besides this, clear and verified trading performance generates consistent profits. Knowing this, we decided to collect this post. Next, we want to introduce the best forex signal providers that we have found.

We have divided the list into two main categories – free or paid forex signals. We also want to share some additional information about the signal to help you get a better understanding.

Without further ado, here is the list:

1. JKonFX

If you are looking for a forex signal service with a reliable (and profitable) track record, JKonFX can be an option.

Joel gave a positive journal performance in 2016. It offers real-time technical and fundamental insights, in a very transparent way. They have more than 30,000 customers.

Regarded as a low-frequency trader, warnings are only a small part of the whole JKonFX subscription. If you are looking for hundreds of signals, you can consider other options.

2. Forex Signals

See how pro-trading lives. Forex Signals has been operating since 2012 and offers 24-hour daily access to the live trading room. Watch their experienced team of coaches execute trades. And also discuss market action when it is revealed in real-time.

In addition to their signal services, Forex Signals also gives you access to profitable track records. Of course, where you can invest through a managed account.

They are the only providers we have found that have independently verified statistics. Forex signals are verified with a link to their direct master account on myfxbook. Everything is visible on the board, so it’s an easy choice to include Forex Signals.

3. DDMarkets

Digital Derivative Markets (DDMarkets) have been providing trade warning services since May 2014. They document their trade ideas openly and transparently.

There is a simple process: doing extensive research, sharing their analysis. Next, it gives a trading signal when triggered. After the signal is issued, daily updates about trades are sent to members via email.

It is important to note that DDMarkets does not tolerate floating in open withdrawals. Of course, in an effort to get profit at any cost. This is a common technique used by less reputable providers to ‘falsify’ performance statistics.

4. Baby Pips

BabyPips has the most entertaining ‘About Us’ page on the internet. They offer a lot of information and training for beginner forex traders. They also provide some daily analysis and market signals, which can be found under the ‘pick today’ section.



Forex4live has a system of forex signals called forex lines. On this website, you will find several trading strategies that you can follow and adjust to your trading style. Forex signals from Forex4live are very accurate and don’t re-fire. This product is very reliable because it has been sold since 2011 and has been used by tens of thousands of traders worldwide. Very good performance verified through myfxbook.



Forex signal 30 is a provider of forex signals that have existed since 2009. This system has also been used by tens of thousands of traders worldwide. Both from beginners to professionals have used it. Forex signals are very accurate and consistent for daily trading. The statistics are verified through myfxbook account.


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