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Daily trading Weekly trading Positional trading in the direction of positive swap
Description The adherents of this type of trading are mostly beginners, it is connected with the currency market dynamics that attract beginners. Daily trading has the following characteristics:

  • The position can be opened for one trading day, and at the end of the day the position must be closed, or, in an urgent situation, continued until the next trading day with an arrangement that secures the order
  • All trading is short-term and is only intended to take part of the profits
  • In one day the number of trades can exceed one
  • Daily trading does not require a large financial investment
  • The work time interval is a chart per minute
First of all, traders who are disappointed in daily trading, try this strategy. Weekly trading does not experience such aggressive market movements as in daily trading. It seems the market is not moving. But it was only seen at first. Weekly trading has the following characteristics:

  • Positions can remain open for ten days
  • All trading is calculated taking into account most of the profits from market movements
  • As a liability, no more than 2 positions can be opened throughout the week
  • Requirements for the amount of funds invested are much higher than daily trading.
  • Working time is an hourly chart
First of all, positional trading is only used by patient traders. Positional trading differs from the two previous types because there is pressure on the trader, and again, the trader has more time. Positional trading has the following characteristics:

  • Work time intervals are daily and weekly charts
  • Positions can remain open for a month
  • The requirements for invested capital are the highest, compared to daily and weekly trading
  • Options are available to exit the market during the correction period
  • No big capital is needed
  • Traders can stop trading at any time
  • Minimum risk
  • Less significant pressure
  • High profit
  • It takes less time to refresh
  • There is free time during the trading session
  • Lots of free time
  • There is no emotional pressure
  • Refresher is not needed
  • High emotional pressure
  • It takes a lot of time for refreshing
  • Lack of time during trading sessions
  • A significant amount of funds is needed
  • Traders can be outside the market during trend correction
  • It is not possible to stop trading at any time
  • The obligation to hold the position open for 24 hours
  • There is a period of absence of absolute activity
  • It is not possible to stop trading at any time
  • The number of currency pairs is limited to trading
  • Large amounts of capital are needed to trade
Results This strategy is suitable for traders who have high endurance and strong character, fast reaction, and strong mentality This strategy is suitable for traders who combine characteristics such as work capacity, good judgment and judgment, because novice traders will have to monitor positions 24 hours a day, and analyze all changes in the market. He really must follow the formation of market trends. Meanwhile, the use of hourly charts will be uncomfortable for you because of the signals formed in the night column This strategy is suitable for traders who have high patience, clear goals, and large funds

If you have reached the decision of choosing the right trading strategy, your character, and your financial capabilities, it will be the type that suits you best.

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