Forex Traders’ Fear and Greed

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Forex Traders’ Fear and Greed

Forex Traders’ Fear and Greed.  The fear of loss is a natural thing but fear that turns into courage to lose or run out of capital is unnatural but this is what you feel when you trade forex. When you experience a loss when opening a trading position, what you feel is definitely the courage to beat the market.
In any market there is nothing that can beat the market but there is a friendly market. The point is that when you fight a market or trend, you can be sure you will experience a lot of losses, but if you are friends with the market or follow the trend, then you will be profitable.
Always be friendly with the market and be afraid not to follow it and never dare to fight the market or trend if you want to always make a profit in the forex market. But to be able to be friends with the market, we must know where the market will go by studying technical and fundamental analysis of course.
It is not as easy as it is discussed how to follow the direction of the market but no one is impossible to do it. Because all of that is always related to our own attitude or psychology especially when determining the purpose of trading.
What is meant by forex trader greed is unreasonable in determining the amount of profit in each transaction. The more unreasonable you determine the profits in forex trading, then get ready for profits that are or have you can be consumed by your own greed.
Even so greed is not always bad for a trader, if your prediction of currency pair price movements is correct then please greedy and use all strategies to make the most profit even that makes no sense in the initial strategy provided you are friendly with the market by following directions the movement.
The more greedy you are at the wrong time, the more you will suffer losses. Therefore, be careful in the forex market.

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