Forex trading is simple, simple is everything.

Forex trading is simple, simple is everything.

Forex trading is simple if you know the rules of the game. Simple is everything, that’s what Albert Einstein said. Genius makes complicated things simple. 

Many beginner forex traders assume that analysis is everything. They act like a professor who wants to know and even explore all techniques, they want to master all the very big indicators.

Forex traders only need to know the level of TP and SL. The success of forex trading is not only determined how smart we analyze the market fundamentally and technically.

Trade does not require complex or complex analysis. Hey, we are traders, not professors!

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Forex trading is art

Many novice traders don’t know the fact that trading is art. An exaggeration if beginners want to find a trading system, the Holy Grail. The market is not a machine that can print money for us using a complicated trading system.

Many smart people will make you believe that in a few days you will get an email that will share the best word indicators with just the push of a button.

If you are a beginner, it’s better to know that trading is art. You need wise decisions by considering several aspects. In trading, you cannot determine exactly where prices will move.

Forex Trading Not For Geniuses But For Everyone

There is one fact that can trigger you to start trading. Being a forex trader you don’t have to be a graduate with an MBA from a famous university. Forex traders also don’t need to use complicated indicators in analyzing charts. Forex traders also do not need to master economics and finance in depth. A forex trader only needs to have the ability to read charts based on previous prices.

Learning Price Action

Reading price action in a chart is not as difficult as it sounds. You can find from many sources on the internet about price action. Price action is the basis for trading. Actually this is simple and easy to learn, because the market is made by humans and those who move the market. With price action will show how price movements will be based on the activities of traders involved in the market.

Stop Searching for the Holy Grail

What we have to know is that there is no term Holy Grail in the world of forex trading. There is no system that always brings profit every time. Don’t spend your time searching for a forex trading system called the holy grail.

On the internet, many of us find various types of trading systems and some are even sold. Be careful and remember there is no trading system which is a holy grail. 




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