Forex Trading Times and Hours

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Forex Trading Times and Hours

The sure thing is Forex Time and Trading Hours are different from stock trading. When forex trading the market is almost open 24 hours during working days. Different when we trade stocks, the stock market is only open from 09.00 to 16.00 WIB during working days.
With the opening of the market for 24 hours, it is possible for those of you who do not want to leave work but want to earn extra income outside of working hours as well as if you are a student or layman. With the opening of a 24-hour market, you can get even greater profits .

But even though the market is open for 24 hours does not mean that the market is always in a crowded condition 🙂 there is a time for crowded markets and quiet markets. The name is also a market so you need to pay attention to it to maximize profit.

Market time is divided into several major / major trading sessions, namely: Sydney (Australia) Session, Tokyo (Asia) Session, London (European) Session, and New York (American) Session . The following are the hours and hours of forex trading that make the market always open 24 hours and crowded visitors.
Session / Market
Jakarta GMT + 7
Sydney Open
Sydney closes
04.00 WIB
12.00 WIB
05:00 PM
02:00 AM
10:00 PM
07:00 AM
Tokyo Open 
Tokyo Close
06.00 WIB
14.00 WIB
07:00 PM
04:00 AM
12:00 AM
09:00 AM
London Open
London Close
14.00 WIB
22.00 WIB
03:00 AM
12:00 PM
08:00 AM
05:00 PM
The New York Open 
New York Close
19.00 WIB
03.00 WIB
08:00 AM
05:00 PM
12:00 PM
10:00 PM
If the schedule in the table above we bring into the time frame format as below we can see that the forex market is always open 24 hours for 5 working days.  So this is very possible for those of you who want to trade forex without interrupting working hours.
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