Forex4Live strategy, this is how to detect long-term trends, Accurate up to 95%

Forex4Live strategy, this is how to detect long-term trends, Accurate up to 95%


Please note the picture below, I am looking for long-term trends using this strategy. I combined the old version and added the FL5 indicator.

When you see FL5 it’s steep and wide open like this picture, and SUN has just appeared on W1. That means the downtrend will continue to 200-500 pips, depending on the pairs you use. Well, when you find a pattern like this in W1. Then immediately install EA in a short only position and run it in m1. If you want to use 1 lot, set EA Lots = 0.1 and Max_Order = 10. If 3 lots, set EA Lots = 0.1 and Max_Order = 30. must_profit = true. Instead, this strategy is the same for BUY signals.



Look at my long-term trading results with this strategy. I only take profits from 100-150 pips/trade for GBPCHF. And now the downward trend is still going on for the long term, but I think it’s enough for today. If you have $ 10,000, just use a maximum of 2 lots. And this strategy I use to double $ 10,000 to $ 20,000 in just over a month. And it becomes $ 30,000 the following month. Usually, in long-term trading, our position will float for a maximum of 5 days. So do not rush to close the position. Some positions you can install SL on support and resistance, a little more than your target. See my trading results below.



And below are the trading results from ForexLines_EA following the GBPCHF W1 long-term trend. EA is run in a 1-minute time frame.



Here is a video of the results of trading for 2 months on VPS with 1 minute. Of course by following the long-term trend of W1.



The following is a video of trading results for more than 1 month with the Forex4Live Manual indicator. This uses the above strategy.



On the same day, I got a pattern like the one above on GBPJPY on W1, and I got 2×200 pips profit. At the moment the downtrend still continues. But we consider that today’s profit is enough.




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