How to get money from the internet through online loans

How to get money from the internet through online loans

In this technological era, we can easily get money from the internet especially when it comes to borrowing funds. Because if in the past era when we would borrow funds, we had to come to the financial office offline, but in this all-digital era, we could do the loan process just by sitting at home because this process required only a smartphone and internet connection. so that the loan process can be done easily.I need to emphasize again, yes, that this is a way to get money by borrowing and of course the amount of this loan varies from millions to hundreds of millions but even so at least it can help you when in a trapped position. But you need to REMEMBER that your position here is a BORROWER and has an obligation to PAY so that before you decide to borrow money, please rethink if you really need to do this or not at all because you most likely don’t need this after you think again in the next few days.

To find out who financial / financial institutions you can make partners that can easily lend to you, especially online, it’s very easy to enter your keyword “online loan” into the Google search engine so you will get a lot institutions that are engaged in lending and borrowing business like the results of the screen shoot below.

Because the number of online loan service providers is very large in number, I personally cannot mention them one by one in this blog page and besides that I personally am not their partner so they want to promote their business.
 So you can look for it yourself …At least by using these keywords, you will get 18,000,000 search results.
 But one thing you must remember! choose a financial institution that has been registered and registered with OJK (Financial Services Authority) so that at least you are in a safe and comfortable position when applying for an online loan like this because they are already supervising their business activities and at least you will not be trapped into online loan sharks (loan sharks ) And don’t forget you did this process, huh! do not be tempted by the words of their advertisement “Easy and Fast Liquid” because if you enter the trap then the CAIR will be your own brain. And also that is not less important, please check carefully. Term of Condition or the rules of the game made by them for their customers, including the most important, are about repayment, arrears, and interest.

Now how? it’s easy to know how to get money from the internet easily through online loans in this digital era. Because you only need a smartphone, internet connection, and supporting data then you can easily get money because in just a matter of hours or days money will go into your account.

Online loans aside from providing facilities to borrowers there is also an institution that provides opportunities for those of you who want to become their partners by becoming a lender / creditor who will provide loans to their debtors and of course you will get the interest for each transaction.

Even so, we easily get money from online loans so we must remain vigilant and careful with them (online loans) because they are actually a metamorphosis and even some of them are metamorphoses of loan sharks who used to look for customers done offline but with the sophistication of the search process technology is done online through a keyword, namely online loans. The name is loan shark, you know for yourself what happens if you really deal with them !!!!!!!

With online loans like this it is very tempting for most people, especially those who always feel desperately needing fast money. But if it turns out you are someone who is really trapped then please look for a trusted online loan institution and do not let you contact an online loan like this just to get money to use spree or useless things because things like this will end with sheer torture. And my advice about online loans like this is to use it in a WISE way and according to your needs.

Why do I have to say this? because there are so many examples of cases that are not pleasant to hear and unpleasant to look at, especially felt if we are in a position as a victim of ease of earning money through the process of borrowing and borrowing. And don’t let you become a victim, so choose a trusted online institution or institution for loans and regulated by the government through OJK (Financial Services Authority). And here is a list of online loans registered with OJK:

Danamas, Dana Kita, KoinWorks, Amartha, Investree, Modalku, DanaCepat, Cloud Cloud, KlikACC, Crowdo, Akseleran, Money Friends, DompetKilat, Taralite, DynamicCredit, Fintag, Invoila, Kimo, CashWe, PinjamWinWin, Relations, Igrow, Qreditt, Cicil, Free Fund, Cash Wagon, Esta Kapital, Ammana, Gradana, Dana Mapan, Aktivaku, Karapoto, DanaKini, Finmas, Rupiah Plus, Tokomodal, Tunaiku, Indodana, Kredivo,, LoansGo,, Smart Credit, Kredito, Crowde, PinjamGampang, taniFund, Danain,, SGPIndonesia, KreditPro, Avantee, Do-It, RupiahFast, Rupiah Funds, FundBijak, CashCepat, DanaLaut, DanaSyariah, Telefin, CapitalRakyat, KawanCicil, SandersOne Stop Solution, Fast Credit.

And if you are curious about the list, please visit the OJK page here . And usually OJK always updates the online loan list so you don’t miss it and don’t let you borrow from loan sharks because you don’t know about online loans that are regulated or registered with the government.

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