How to think like a professional forex trader?

How to think like a professional forex trader?

In trading both in forex and in the form of commodities, what is actually in the mind of a trader? Of course we cannot read their minds but what can distinguish a professional trader from a regular trader. Try to explore what is the basis of a professional trader.


In trading what is really our goal, of course many of us answer to get profit or profit.Between a pro trader and a regular trader this goal is certainly the same, then what is the difference? Try us, think more deeply. In trading we must understand that there are several types of trading. The first type, are those who like to enter or make transactions but get little profit. And only the second type, those who rarely enter, but once the entry gets a big profit. How about frequent entry but in big profits?Yes, for this type, there are rarely.

We must again understand that the world of forex is not a world that is easily entered by just anyone. With a big profit, of course there is also a big risk, before people plunge into this world, they must understand very well that the risks exposed in this world are also very large, therefore anyone should not be complacent. Therefore there is no name for Low risk High Return, which is High Risk High Return.

This is where pro traders really understand this concept, because it’s not uncommon for a pro trader to choose the second type, where they rarely enter, but once they enter, they expect a large profit. Because they can control their emotions.Of course for a beginner this is quite difficult. A lot of beginner traders prefer the first type, because they can feel victory faster. Does it mean that being a trader should be the second type? Actually both the second and the first type have their own weaknesses and strengths. Pro traders also understand this because of course they adjust themselves to one of the two types and continue to consistently pursue and never once underestimate this world.

So actually what distinguishes pro traders from ordinary traders. First, they think of course profit, but not the big profit they are looking for while profit is consistent. A pro trader will always try to make profit consistently because this shows their credibility and shows their discipline. This is not very easy for anyone. Therefore, a pro trader also keeps their emotions and continues to practice, because one thing they learn from this world is to never be careless.

Therefore for those of you who want to become pro traders, keep learning, practice, and achieve not big profits but achieve consistent profits. Because this is what distinguishes a professional trader from ordinary traders.

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