How to trade Forex using fire lines

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How to trade Forex using fire lines

Trading forex using lines of fire is done by many professionals. Trading is one of the professions that are in great demand by most individuals. However, this activity is also considered the most dangerous. Why is that ? someone who does not have more knowledge in trading tends to have changing thinking.

Especially to be able to achieve success in trading , a person is required to have several attitudes, namely discipline, education or knowledge, as well as hard work. For a beginner education or knowledge about the world of business is an absolute thing they must master beforehand. This is done so they can find out the opportunities and risks of problems that might occur. While discipline and hard work they can do as they please to achieve business success.

Starting a business, of course you must be prepared with everything that might happen. Many people finally fell and gave up on this activity. This is because not everyone is suitable for trading. They try to find a variety of trading plans, try, and then make things more complicated, causing the financial to drain, and end up failing. This is what you should avoid in trading.


Discussing a few elements that are related in the world of trading is very important. This is simply done to make trading plans according to the wishes and conditions you face. Like for example funding and possible risks.

Forex Trading Using Fire Lines


The part that is much liked by this trading style is the candlestick section . This is because it is actually very easy to read and interpret the various chaos that occur in trading. For example, a market that is not suitable for trading but still used to trade.


Not all markets turn out to be suitable for traders to trade. If you want to reach the goal of trading, pay attention to this. besides, when it comes to short-term trading there are three characteristics of the market that they often see before trading, namely liquidity, smoothness, and range.

  • Liquidity: every market that actively trades with a large amount will create a large volume of money trading. High volume actually does not guarantee liquidity.
  • Smoothness: as a short-term trader, knowing the market price is a good thing to do. Even though prices are always changing, consistency, smoothness, predictability of price changes you must monitor.
  • Range: lastly, the market must have enough space to make trading successful. At least you are looking for a market that has at least 750.00 dollars with consistent results.


As explained above, there are many smart people but are not suitable for trading.To carry out trading well, every individual must be able to evaluate himself before making money with difficulty. In addition, a trader must also be prepared for the possibilities that will occur in the future.


Starting a business, the first thing that must be prepared is capital. How much capital you have will determine the market you can sell. If the market changes more easily, the more risks you have to consider. Therefore, do the funding correctly. – Trading forex using a line of fire


Graphs are only a graphical and dynamic representation of supply, demand, price, and market characteristics at certain times. In addition, the graph can also show how the market conditions at a certain time. Price, direction and trends are some of the things that must be considered to be able to give us high probability and profit. The chart in this step usually uses a candle stick with 15 candles. Each candle will represent 15 minutes of price .


The line of fire is a statistical ownership indicator that is used to generate a price level or point, so in this case we hope there are many significant trading activities, and determine the possibility of price changes on that day. The fire line will usually also identify the area where the price will be affected in the downtrend, or be opposed in an upgrade. At this level everyone is expected to be able to trade. Some definitions that you must understand in this position are Inflation Points (IP), Top Value Range (UVR), Lower Value Range (LVR), Objectives and Objectives, “House Slaughter, Simple Moving Average (SMA).

Next you only need to prepare the section for the next trading session. Can use UVR, IP, and LVR lines, so that the graphics don’t fall apart, and you can watch all the changes. Also, make sure your moving average is on the same chart. That is some information about forex trading using a line of fire that you can apply to your trading system

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