Important For Beginners! 5 Weird Trading Strategies Assessed

Important For Beginners! 5 Weird Trading Strategies Assessed

Trading Strategy – There are quite a lot of things you need to learn seriously in forex trading, especially if you are a beginner trader. You must start learning from the theoretical to the practice directly.

You are a beginner trader, have you ever learned about trading strategy? There are some strange and also unique strategies that you really need to know. This strategy will not be related to indicators, fundamental analysis, market sentiment and also things that are very identical with forex trading.

1. Trading strategy that refers to the weather

Do you know? That there is a myth in the financial market. If the weather is sunny then it will affect the market performance better than when the weather is overcast. However, you should really underline that this is a myth that can not yet be known for its truth. But if you use common sense and think about it with more logical indeed kerterkaitan between weather and trading will be considered strange.

However, there are ways you can think about why trading will be closely related to the condition of the fundamental indicator. For example like this:

  • When a bada tornado or other natural disaster that will cause a lot of casualties and material losses it can suppress the sentiment of the market players over the currency of the country experiencing disaster, because of the amount of grants that must be given. For example, when there are events katrina that also had an impact on the US currency.
  • Or when the dry season or the weather is in extreme conditions and cause severe damage to farms or farms will affect the price of its commodities.

2. Milk piping strategy

Ever heard of pip piping strategies? This strategy will use the form of price movement on the chart as the basis. This strategy was invented by Navin Prithyani, an analyst. The choice of strategy will be based on the support and resistance levels. In order to try this strategy, you can open the chart at a time frame of 15M or more. Identification is done at least will use 2 swing high on the condition of uptrend. Or you can also identify 2 swing lows when downtrend.Then you can put buy or sell at the first high or low level when the next swing.

3. A strategy based on a super bowl victory

Super Bowl is an annual American Football final which is always held every year.In the past, the super bowl was first held on January 15, 1967 as a means of unification of two leagues that will compete, namely the National Football League and the American Football League. So what to do with forex trading?

In 1990 there were 2 researchers who discovered the theory of Super Bowl Stock Market Predictor. In theory this states that if teams from the old NFL league can win the super bowl then market conditions will increase in the same year.However, if the team from the AFL wins then the market will decline.

In 2010 a professor George Kester from Washington and Lee University has confirmed that the level of accuracy of the super bowl strategy can reach 77%. However, until now there has been no report whether or not there are traders from America who use super bowl.

4. Trading astrology

Not wishing to be left with its predecessors in the Asian region, Western astrologers also began to issue market predictions based on the movement of planets and stars. This topic will refer to an article published by Khit Wong. He thinks the planet will move for 24 hours in the sky and will continue to provide a signal that will be associated with a financial market that only has 48 hours difference with the forex market that will open 24 hours and within 5 days of the week.

Wong gave an example when Uranus had passed Aries on May 28, 2010 eating that date also coincided with the beginning in the bull market down jones for several years later.

The incident also does not happen only once. Earlier when Uranus passed pisces on March 11, 2003 down jones became strong.

Conversely, if the condition is in a bearish state and signaled by the movement of Mercury then when Mercury moves and passes Gemini on May 15, 2013 it becomes a sign of the low level of EUR / USD.

5. Trading strategy based on Feng Shui

A financial research institute from Hong Kong that is CLSA, every year since 1992 has published a legendary of Feng Shui whose title is Feng Shui indekx for the Hang Seng stock market based on the destiny map for the related year and also the birth date of Hang Seng index on the 24th November 1969, Earth Rooster. It is said that this index is considered quite in demand until CLSA held a forum of investors who moved locations from China, Japan to India.

Then, what is the content of the feng shui legend? Not a matter of where the position of the most appropriate laptop when trading, also will not touch on what lucky things to hold while doing an open buy.

Based on a small portion of what can be seen, the content will relate to how a predicted market performance of each month and also which sectors can perform exclusively for a particular month. For example in the Feng Shui Index 2017, CLSA will forecast for sectors related to earth elements, such as industry property, natural resources and also the latest energy will show potential in the third quarter.

Pamor of Feng Shui Index is also considered quite high, because the CLSA has successfully received many awards one of Thomson Reuters The StarMine Analyst Awards 2015. However, unfortunately the index will only cover the stock market alone, in the legend is not mentioned about how the fate of the US dollar , Euro, pounds, yen or rupiah.

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