Investment Scams : Not Genuine Forex Trading

Investment Scams : Not Genuine Forex Trading

“Stupid Investment” Back Up?

Unfortunately, there are quite a lot of bogus investments that have the capital investment and gold, products that are still the popular of futures trading in Indonesia. In the list released by the Financial Services Authority, there are indeed some names that are problematic in the community.

Not infrequently fraudsters make sweet promises in the form of large profits or even hundreds of times the paid up capital. No doubt, the dream of getting rich quickly makes their savings make a lot of profits.

Don’t Forget Risk

There is one thing that most of our people forget: RISK . The business world – including investment – always goes with risk. Losses can occur at any time. Unfortunately the fraudsters are more skillful at composing words and indulging in charm in order to dredge every rupiah from potential victims. Not even if they mention the risks that might occur. All that is conveyed is only profit, profit and profit.

Even though there is not one form of business that is free from the risk of loss. In business, the concept of “high risk-high return” applies.Opportunities always contain straight with risk. In other words, the higher the profit opportunity offered, the higher the risk that accompanies it. Realize this, so that you are not an easy target for fraudsters.

Non-Trading Investment, Vise Versa

This is a classic topic that seems to have become misguided in society.Most people consider every activity that involves money / capital turnover is an investment, even though it is not always the case.

Investment is when you allocate your money to a particular asset, such as a house. Then you rent the house. Every year (or month) you will get money from the results of renting out the house. Houses that you buy (or build) provide income for you and the status of the house remains yours.

It’s a different story if you buy a unit for your resale. As long as the house hasn’t been sold back, you won’t get any profit financially. You will only benefit if the house is resold at a higher price than when you bought it. The profit you get is from the difference between the selling price and the purchase price. In this case, the house you are trading in your alias is trading. In other words, you are trading, not investing.

Many people are not aware of the differences between these two things. So when you talk ” forex investment “, actually what is meant is ” forex trading “. Forex (forex) is traded and profits can be obtained from the difference in price movements of the currency against other currencies.

Forex Trading is not a rich quick scheme. Forex trading is business.

Like a business, it certainly requires stages and time to reach the peak of success. Strengthening or weakening can occur at any time and often extreme. The accompanying risk is very high. Therefore beware of you if promised fixed income (forex) from forex trading up to tens or even hundreds of times the initial capital as did the investment scams. My advice, just throw such an offer into the trash, unless the person who offers it dares to say honestly, “The chance of profit can be hundreds of percent, but the risk is that you can lose all your capital.” If that is what he says, you may think to leave your capital to him.

More than that, adequate knowledge is needed to be able to take advantage of the extraordinarily dynamic money market movements. Without that knowledge, it is impossible for anyone to be successful in the world of forex trading.

The power of capital also determines. The potential profit you get is directly proportional to the strength of your capital. So, be careful if for example someone comes to you and says, “Give me two and a half million, I will make a hundred and twenty-five million a month.” It was a dream in broad daylight. Get up quickly.

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