Learn Chart Patterns for Forex Trading

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Learn Chart Patterns for Forex Trading

Chart pattern or we can call it a graph that forms a pattern that is able to show a signal of a breakout or breakdown so that we as a forex trader who is able to read it will not lose the opportunity to get profit in the forex market .
Or it could be said that chart pattern is like a detector for precious metals when it detects a signal that there is a precious metal in the ground, so your chances of getting a precious metal are very large. Or it could be like this, when you want to defecate, the chart pattern is a signal in the form of a stomach ache that shows that you have to go to the bathroom to throw it away 🙂 and know that it’s not just just throwing gas 🙂 so if we are sensitive to chart patterns this then the opportunity to get profit will be very large.
And the basic thing that needs to be kept in mind that our main goal of learning various types of technical analysis is to know where the market will move and we as a trader just need to join it.And anyone who is able to move according to the market direction is the person who will continue to get profit in the forex market.
So the chart pattern can show whether the market will experience a breakout, breakdown, continue its movement, or will reverse (reversal). And here are some chart patterns we will study: double top and double bottom, rising and falling wedges, bearish and bullish rectangles, bearish and bullish points, triangle (symmetrical, ascending, descending), and head & shoulders .
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