Learn Forex Trading from Ahmed Sar

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Learn Forex Trading from Ahmed Sar

If we previously discussed several times about successful forex traders from abroad, then this time we will review about one of the local forex traders who are no less successful. Information about successful traders is often one of the best ways to learn forex trading, do you agree? Gait, history to tips from successful traders can help you and other traders who want to succeed in the future. The local trader we will discuss this time is Ahmed Sar. Are you familiar with this name?

Learn Forex Trading from Successful Traders Ahmed Sar


Learn Forex Trading from Ahmed Sar

If you hear his name, maybe some of you have thought that Ahmed Sar might not be Indonesian. But in fact this man is native to Indonesia and has a real name Ahmed Sarminto. It looks like Ahmed Sar’s name is cooler and sells as branding.This man started his work in forex since 2005 ago. Until now, aside from being a full-time forex trader, Ahmed Sar also had a busy life as a forex analyst and forex trading mentor. Forex trading is not only the sole income for Ahmed Sar. This is because Ahmed Sar also runs stock and commodity trading.

Well, there are some things you can know from this successful trader from Surabaya:

  • Stop Loss Becomes Main Focus

Every trader must have his own experience, fear and strength in undergoing his trading career. This also applies to Ahmed Sar. After several failures in real sector business and persuaded by the influence of forex broker marketers, Ahmed Sar finally tried his luck in forex trading. When I first plunged, everything was still done conventionally. So this man born in Surabaya had the opportunity to experience classic trading times that relied on the telephone to keep an eye on the chart without stopping.

From the start of trading, Ahmed Sar learned without a tutor and tried everything himself. even at the beginning of trading, this man is always afraid to experience loss. Considering that there are a lot of beginner traders who experience losses of up to millions just because they don’t monitor the chart for a while. But since there is a stop loss facility, Ahmed Sar feels calmer and safer in forex trading.

  • The Importance of the Role of Tutors / Mentors for Forex Traders

Although learning trading does not have to use the help of a mentor or tutor, but in fact the existence of a mentor can provide significant changes in your trading career. Ahmed Sar also experienced the same thing, where at the beginning of his career as a forex trader he had difficulty because he did not have a mentor. After doing various ways to get the final mentor Ahmed Sar realized that trading strategies with short time frames were not suitable for beginner traders. The man from Surabaya also said that the best way to learn trading for novice traders is with the classical method.

  • Trend Reader Strategy

Every trade that Ahmed Sar undergoes, from forex, stocks to commodities, all have their own consequences and risks. For this reason, Ahmed Sar is always careful and applies the right strategy in trading. In implementing his own strategy, Ahmed Sar divided it into 80% technical and 20% fundamentals. One of the most commonly used trading strategies by Ahmed Sar is a trend strategy, where he analyzes price movements in the market by reading trends.

Forex Trading Tips from Ahmed Sar

Here are some forex trading tips from Ahmed Sar that might be your material for learning forex trading:

  • Abstain from blaming others or yourself when they fail
  • Carefully pay attention to market behavior (in this case Ahmed Sar has a daily routine of observing 25 charts every morning to find the 3 best charts for open positions)
  • Be careful in choosing a forex broker
  • Set the percentage of the total capital held each time you open a position

Hopefully the information about trading careers and trading tips from Ahmed Sar above is useful for all of you … Let’s learn forex trading again …

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