Learn Forex Trading from Crocodile Characters

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Learn Forex Trading from Crocodile Characters

The existence of a crocodile we often know as a predator that is really scary. As we all know, crocodiles with patience are awaiting living creatures that are not alert to prey. Crocodile is one of the animals that successfully maintain its existence and survival. Crocodiles can also be called as opportunistic predators.

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Learn Forex Trading from Crocodile Characters

Crocodile is probably not the prey of his prey, lurking while lying in wait in a time long enough and only from one day to the next. When it arrives the right opportunity, he captures his prey with the most accurate, hesitant and confident. This is the method of finding prey with patience and discipline.

Crocodiles are also classified as ‘snipers’. It may only need to eat once a week because they get quality prey (large) and not small prey that many in number of quality. Crocodile is reluctant to do it (hunt for small prey) because it spills a lot of energy, the risk when hunting prey large. As a forex trader, many positive things that we learn from the behavior of a crocodile in search of food to connect its survival and existence.

Crocodile can be a good example for Forex traders

Behavior crocodile above bіѕа used as a model or соntоh good for traders. Let us adapt the behavior of crocodile to behavior in trading. Traders will play a role as a predator in the forex market, not only that, since humans naturally we have the instinct to hunt. As a trader, we can imitate crocodile’s method of looking for prey. We must be disciplined, patient, adapt to the market conditions and have certain methods to avoid risk and profit. A crocodile learns quickly to recognize its environmental situation. If it is dangerous, he will go and move elsewhere.

As a hunter, crocodiles must be patient. Because the body is large and long will require a lot of protein energy to survive, swim to and fro hunt prey. He did not eat a lot of small fish found around him and is easy to catch, such prey is not interesting. After spending a lot of energy to hunt him down, the nutrient content obtained is not comparable with large prey which is quite voracious.

If we analize with trading, we should look for the right ‘prey’ or the right entry position and quality in order to reduce the risk of the entry of trading positions that qualified.

Of course, not as a ‘prey’ that we see big as it will be profitable, depending on our trading strategy and risk management. But the ‘crocodile method’ is clear: waiting and monitoring with patience there is a big ‘prey’, and at the right time he ‘pounce’. There is the phrase ‘All good things come to the who who wait’ which is cited by the motivators to explain the benefits of the local, and so follow the plan. Of course that phrase is great for a trader like us.

With the patience of crocodiles can get quality prey, in this case is analogous to the entry level quality. Well, this article will discuss the power of crocodiles giving effective and deadly attacks.

Effective and Deadly Attacks

There has never been a story of a living being that passes through the crocodile’s mouth, or a good crocodile story releases its prey. Compare with a lion that’s time for when they have and have caught a deer. The lion has exerted much energy in hunting down its prey but failed. While the crocodile сеndеrung ‘often profit’ with silence waiting for the prey passed near his mouth. Crocodile did not waste a lot of energy, quite silent, however, alert and alert. That is why the crocodile is hitting and pouncing on its prey who is careless with effective and deadly.

As a trader, be patient waiting for the right moment will increase the ‘power terkam’. We have to control ourselves because we do not control the market as the ‘prey’ that we want to dikam. We can save money or ‘energy’ and wait patiently for the market to provide a valid trading signal. By this way we will increase the ‘power of the beat’, not with many times enter the market like a lion who throw a lot of energy chasing prey.

There are many trading styles and risk management that we know. The ‘effective attack’ approach of a crocodile, that is, traders actually get the right entry level so that when doing risk management also becomes less difficult. Not even to use lots of lots in the market.

The more we often do Open Position (OP) in the market then the risk of our funds in the market will get bigger. Conversely, the right level of OP and lot will provide optimal profit for a trader. But in this case, we still have to remind and emphasize the capital management and risks used.

Crocodiles are also able to adapt to the environment. Be aware of the abilities and risks around them. For a trader who is in a very dynamic money market environment is required to have the ability to adapt quickly. So as to get optimal profit or avoid big risk.

Crocodiles are able to recognize risks in their environment

Crocodiles learn to recognize their environment quickly and adapt to the conditions that exist. Once he was able to quickly avoid dangerous circumstances. This ability is one of the reasons why crocodiles survive much longer than the contemporary reptiles. The analogy in trading is by not taking excessive risks, or determining the risk with the fair market conditions in one way that our trading account balkans last long.

Man clearly has a much higher level of thought or intelligence than a crocodile. But we have emotion that does not exist in crocodiles so that emotions cause us to doubt, over-analyze (over analyzing) to affect decision making when trading. As a trader we must learn from mistakes, avoiding ‘danger’ or risk with frequent entry (OP) and determining the fairness of per market risk.

Crocodiles adapt quickly to changing environmental conditions

A crocodile crocodile in Australia tells us that he was having trouble when he was about to catch wild crocodiles at the same location in the same way. Should be used a trick that is different from before. The ability of crocodiles to quickly adapt to changes in environmental conditions is one of the reasons they have survived for centuries. As a trader, we have to adapt quickly to changes in market conditions that are still at a fast pace.

This article provides a picture and analogy in real life that makes sense and bіѕа applied in trading. Perhaps to be a ‘trading alligator’, you must apply ‘crocodile-style trading’.

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