Learning to Know the Meaning of Being Successful in Forex Trading

Learning to Know the Meaning of Being Successful in Forex Trading

Forex Learning – As a forex trader, we must carry out all the commitments about ideas that have been formulated. Success can be felt in various ways. Most traders who try their luck with Forex, want to get rich quickly and all their financial problems are resolved. Does this mean having $ 500,000 or $ 5 million in a bank account?

Success in foreign exchange transactions, and the financial independence produced can offer many benefits.

I will try to explain in more detail in this article.

“I pay cash”

Who does not want to pay for large purchases in cash. For successful traders there is no problem and has many advantages. The interest that should be paid from the loan can be saved and used to transact in the foreign exchange market. This is one reason why rich people get richer because you don’t have to have debt. Who does not have debt, does not need to worry about monthly payments and makes it more focused on other important things, for example Traders.

Look for profitable transactions and apply transaction rules in a profitable Forex market.

There are also traders whose trading capital is obtained from large debts and their initial purpose is to pay debts and interest. However, who can pay for a car or home in cash, will have better thinking in trading.

The “Pit Bull: Lessons from the Wall Street Champion Day Trader” Trading Book by Marty Schwartz talks about how he bought a beach house in the Hamptons for $ 400,000 and paid cash. In addition, he also wrote in the 1980s, an apartment worth $ 3,000,000 was paid in cash, all of which was paid for by profit in trading on financial markets.

This can only be done by successful traders. They buy a house in cash and without winking.

Access to get the best prices on the market

If a successful trader decides to buy a house or something else expensive, he will get a much cheaper price than the average other consumer. This is because your collateral gets more offers from banks and thus gets a higher credit limit. This does not only apply to traders who are successful, Facebook boss Mark Zuckerberg for example, can finance his house with an interest rate of only 1%.

Buy large quantities

To get better prices, rich people buy goods in large quantities. The price difference is saved so that it can be used to finance a hobby or to increase the trading account capital.

Tourism and relocation without problems


As a rich trader, who has a financial background that is not problematic, sometimes the mood changes quickly if only at home. When the psychological condition is incompatible with the housing or environmental situation where he currently lives, he can buy a house in another city or even another country that can make him comfortable. Foreign exchange and the stock market can be traded from anywhere in the world. To ensure the smooth access to the trading platform only requires a stable internet connection.

Temporary freedom

This is an important point. Money can buy many things, including freedom. At some point, almost every rich trader says: “I want to find out what is needed in life”

Because money ca n’t buy everything.

In reality money is not everything in life. Just like Gordon Gekko in Wall Street 2 said:

One thing I learned in prison is that money is not the highest good in one’s life. The most important thing in life is the time you have and how to use it.

You often hear news about how the rich get richer. Especially in the financial crisis of recent years, it is often discussed in the media. But why is that?

Collecting assets, can be in a simple and safe way such as Bank Mandiri Shares. In general, no matter how the financial reserves are invested, whether in the stock market or other long-term investments, each year will get a lot of interest. Of course here the amount of capital plays an important role. A simple and interesting way to get a few million as an allowance saved in your daily account.

Through its network, rich people have access to attractive investment and business opportunities. The more investment opportunities you have, the higher the probability of generating very high profits.

So, if you ever make money, to produce again and again is not too difficult. There is an expression:

The most difficult are the first millions.

Today it’s easier to get rich quickly by trading on financial markets than in the past. Access to all necessary information is easier to reach than before. Like books, articles, videos and more. All things that traders did not have 30 years ago. Today in seconds you can create a forex demo account, the graph is available and can open – close transactions in real time via the Internet.

The biggest obstacle for traders is how to view and interpret information that is available correctly to make the best decision.

What should I do to become a successful trader?

Maybe you have doubts whether you can manage to continue to succeed in forex trading for the long term.


Doubts like this are of no use. Concerns about the loss of savings can be overcome by getting used to always working hard.

I have been looking for a perfect trading system for a long time. I have spent a lot of time searching for trading systems that have a high level of victory. Technical indicators, Forex robots, chart patterns and price movements. Everything doesn’t give real success.

I will give up. I tried to rest a few weeks and months, but I never really gave up or lost the confidence to get success. With a strong determination to succeed and through further research, I became aware of the things that influence and cause market movements. Not indicators, graphs or Forex robots but market participants and their expectations in the capital market as you invest.

To have a way of interpreting this market, then you have to break away from all unnecessary accessories as forex indicators, charts and candlestick patterns, which makes you confused to see price movements and start thinking like a professional trader. Congratulations to learn Forex !!!

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