Let No Idle, Become a Part-Time Trader The solution

Let No Idle, Become a Part-Time Trader The solution

For fresh graduates or students who are entering a holiday period they will usually experience a wrinkle syndrome, aka no work. Even though young people feel very useless if not used with profitable activities.

Instead of wrestling, I don’t know what to do, trying to trade is an activity that you can try. In addition to being able to use time with useful, you can get income at the same time. No need to sacrifice college or work, you can earn income in the right way.

Part Time Trader

Part Time Trader

Part Time Trader

Before trying to go to the trading market, it’s a good idea to learn from a demo account. From a demo account you can’t help but learn about technical and fundamental analysis, as well as various other theories that can support your success in trading. By trying it you can learn the ins and outs of trading.

A demo account in trading will facilitate you to trade using virtual money. The market conditions in the demo account describe the actual market conditions. That way you can immediately experience how to experience real stock trading without spending your own capital.

Keep in mind that this demo account only functions as learning. Don’t let you underestimate the virtual money in the demo account. Treat as if you were using your own money. Make a real trading plan and do a serious analysis of market conditions on the demo account.

It would be better if you also read books or attend seminars that explain trading theory. But make sure every thing you learn is practiced in the demo account. That way you will find it easier to find useful theories and tips.

Choose the Broker that suits your needs

Besides learning from a demo account, you also need to determine the right broker.Make sure the broker you have chosen is already listed on the IDX (Indonesia Stock Exchange). Also note how much initial deposit you have to give and how much profit.

The risk must still be there. Just how you can manage these risks so they can be pressed as low as possible. You still have to study in this business. Stay diligent in the process and focus on risk management not on profit.

Portfolio Helps You

For beginner traders like you, Portfolios will help you solve problems in optimizing your forex trading. Registering your account in the Portfolio, you will later get a free demo account
This account is used for you to feel the real experience of being George Soros / money market players without risk.

You will also get free full features with each of the functions, namely sharing ideas, shadow trading, copy trading and education features that can be enjoyed in full for this month.

Finally, copy the trade! Through Portfolios, you can copy trades. This feature is a new innovation in forex trading. Because trading is a professional job, then find a professional trader and you just keep an eye on the risks.

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