Many forex indicators and EA can damage the Metatrader

There are several causes of corrupt indicators and EAs that are installed in your Metatrader.

This incident was originally asked by an online friend who once asked why Metatrader did not work. Indicators and EA that can be used initially and are in good health now in the journal information becomes corrupt. Now to explain that, we need to know the problem that happened at the beginning.

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Many indicators and EAs can be destructive

There are several causes of corrupt indicators and EAs or even other scripts. This usage is often seen by the many metatrader activities that tend to load a lot of data at the same time. But most cases occur when:

Metatrader Too Many Data Scripts

The limit for Metatrader depends on the amount of memory capacity and access speed of your computer. Metatrader will work optimally and very quickly if there are no connecting data between the chart and the performance of the Metatrader system. But if there is connecting data such as custom indicators or Expert Advisors (EA), then the metatrader will call data to the script.

As a result the script is readable and functions only one, but the metatrader will access everything. The more scripts you have to access, the slower your Metatrader will be. If the performance of Metatrader is severely hampered, the script data is sacrificed.

The imperfect load process that causes communication between systems is broken, damaged, or lost. Now, to anticipate it, just enter enough data into your Metatrader.

The Computer Shuts Off Suddenly

A dead computer can be caused by an electricity outage, or there is a problem with the computer itself. Now for the solution, provide a power storage device in anticipation of a power outage.

If indeed the computer dies due to overheating, it could be because the fan is experiencing a malfunction of the road, or it requires a change of fan, so you should replace it with a new one. Sudden computer death can damage the scripts on the metatrader.

Too Many Indicators In One Template

To create a trading system, you don’t need to put all the scripts together in the chart. Maybe you want to try all indicators on one chart, but that can be fatal to the metatrader. Just give a few indicators to the chart and use them appropriately.

Prevent indicators, and other scripts are corrupted is the desire of all traders. For this reason, keep your metatrader so that there isn’t a lot of data. Dispose of unnecessary data from the metatrader and save it to the hard disk. If at any time you need it, then just copy paste.


Metatrader’s failure to protect scripts is not due to intentions by the brokerage system. However, it is more because most of the data is contained in it, so Metatrader is not able to cover it to the maximum. Interrupted communication between computers can cause the script function to not work properly.

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