Market Execution vs. Instant Execution

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Forex traders always think about the difference between Market and Instant execution. What type of execution is better to choose? Some brokers offer clients with Market execution of their orders to make the trading process pleasant and convenient. This type of execution allows traders to control the trading process and make decisions at that time, when every second counts, and delays cause too much cost.

Market Execution vs Instant Execution

All advantages of Market execution can be found in the following comparison table:

Instant Execution:

  • Order execution requires 3-5 seconds
  • Requotes
  • Execution depends on the market
  • Access to the market through dealers
  • Prices are provided by brokers
  • There is no chance to open orders at a better price
  • Trading strategies (scalping, hedging, trading news, using EA) is limited

Market Execution:

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