Master Forex Trading and Enjoy Your Life

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I speak with forex traders who spend every hour focusing on trade.

Although this might be good for some people, this is not for me. I know this because I was the man. I was initially interested in trading because I dreamed of being rich. Besides that I want to have time to do what I want. I have a compulsive nature to begin with and I am thirsty for knowledge. This combination keeps me working, and to learn more about forex trading. I maintain a full time job and study forex trading strategies at night. Often until midnight only to wake up the next day at 4:00 a.m. go to work. Studying the forex market is 7 days a week for me. This lasts for several years.

Forex trader

From time to time I will personally meet other traders and meet some through the internet. Over time I noticed that some traders were not obsessed with trading as I did. Most do it but a few don’t. I thought that one day if I worked hard enough I would be like them. Then one day I met a man who changed my mind. Through our discussion of trade, I realized that he started around the same time as me. He did not have as much experience as I had and it was clear that his knowledge of the market was not as wide as mine.

Appreciate your time.

The strange thing is that he only trades 2 hours per day and doesn’t work in other jobs. The rest of the time he plays golf, holidays and spends time with his family. I asked him in the hope that he would share his secret forex trading formula with me. To my surprise, he has no secret weapon for the forex trading market. Instead he has a secret weapon for life in general. PLEASE HAVE A PLEASED PLEASE !! That day I realized that I had lost my full view of my original goal of having more time. I have run completely in the opposite direction. Instead of trading forex free from work it becomes more of a job than my actual job. My winning percentage is not where I want it to be and I think I can learn my way to a better percentage.

After talking to him I decided to quit forex trading and come back with a new perspective. When I start trading again, I just let myself spend 2 hours per day trading forex. I am much more relaxed and I rarely trade. This turned out to be amazing, my winning percentage rose because I was more selective in my trade and I wasn’t stressed about everything. Today I enjoy life and trading more what I think is possible …. Thank you George


Remember there are many things in life than forex trading. Life is short to spend every hour looking to make the next big market move. What if the next step does not occur in your life, then what you have obtained. Forex trading is beautiful and I like it very much, but I will not sacrifice my life and the happiness of the people I love for it. I have a life that I want to enjoy fully., BUY NOW: $167 for a lifetime membership.