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The MetaQuotes Software Corp company began its activities in 2000; Is a developer of an affordable MetaTrader trading terminal.

Until now the MetaQuotes Software Corp Company has high loyalty from major financial organizations around the world. The company is one of the software programs received from the financial market. Operation is not only about product development programs but also offers its clients an innovation that allows them to gain additional advantages and advantages.

So far the MetaQuotes Software Corp Company has participated in a software market program that has used 4 trading information platforms to compile broker services in the Forex currency market: FX charts, MetaQuotes, MetaTrader 3 and MetaTrader 4.

For several years the existence of the MetaTrader 4 trading platform has gained high popularity among currency dealers – from traders to Forex brokers. The MetaTrader 4 platform platform includes all the components needed to organize broker activity and trader business in the financial sector.

Expenditures of the new MetaTrader 5 trading platform are planned for 2010. Comparing to the new trading platforms MetaTrader 5 and MetaTrader 4 we can show the range of new opportunities brought from the new version of the trading platform. From now on, using the MetaTrader 5 platform you can run not only the Forex market, but also the choice of markets, stocks and futures contracts.

In addition, there are many differences between the MT5 terminal and the previous version of MT4. The most different feature is that MT5 does not do things like separate transactions on the same trading instrument. Each instrument works trading which can only involve one position. All other positions opened are added or subtracted from the total position depending on the start of the position.

Each instrument used in trading can only have one position. Transaction is planned with functions that carry out trading transactions, for example orders.

The new MetaTrader 5 trading terminal is slowly being introduced by transaction centers and broker companies, for several months, the platform was tested on demo accounts.

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