Millennial Generation Becomes Generation of Changes in Work Style

Millennial Generation Becomes Generation of Changes in Work Style

Millennial generation or often called generation Z turns out to have an impact on the style of work in the company. This forces the company to follow the millennial nature if it does not want to quickly lose employees.

According to a survey conducted by job seekers’ pages, 66 percent of millennials or those born in the 1980s to 90s liked to change jobs for less than two years.

Millennials are born and grow in an era of technological development and have the ability to use technology better than previous generations. This ability makes them easy to find information, more creative and innovative.

There are 6 types of Millennial Generation :

1. Current Millenials
2. Millennials gadget addict
3. Millennials quietly wash away
4. Millennials are active
5. Millenials are signatories
6. Millennials bind love-love

This millennial generation is very creative and fast learning, which can actually be a positive point for the company. But unfortunately, this generation is also easy to change jobs if you feel a little uncomfortable. In addition, they are very voting if they want to apply for a job. Even though there are many millennial generics who think the same thing, thus reducing the chances of getting a new job.

This happens because millennials think they still have the opportunity to get new jobs outside easily. Even though the many talents possessed by millennials make the competition level even more fierce.

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