My Forex Trading System is Profitable, But Why Loss?

My Forex Trading System is Profitable, But Why Loss?

All systems used are just aids only. The tools are sometimes profitable at one time, and at other times sometimes less profitable.

“I started trading Real new account about 2 months .. Depo 500 USD, Now live 200 USD while my trading system is profitable, dont know why I often loss. I Trading TF H1”

“I have an example of problems buy ya, I have a benchmark analysis if the candlestick chart when the candle decreased but the body candle is smaller and use the MA if the indicator below the chart, then the trend that happens is bullish (trend up.) Then how it turns candle chart up and the MA indicator is below the chart? roughly select which one? buy or sell? “

So are examples of statements and questions that come from our friends. The author wants to try to review this based on the author’s own experience. Perhaps the discussion is ADAKAH SYSTEM TRADING PROFITABLE?

Introduction / Reviews
Any indicator, including candle is a Tool to analyze the price. Sometimes false indicator. Candle Accurate. Sometimes Candle false, fundamentally accurate. Sometimes accurate fundament, candle and Fals Indicator and so on. There are jargon that I often encounter:

TRADE WITH CANDLE, safe and profitable
TRADE WITH EA, safe and profitable
And others,

But at the end of it, “Use SL to anticipate and Money Management strictly.No more than ….%”. It turns out that traders who use the above jargon, well aware that the market does not belong to his ancestors.

How to deal with this all?
Again, all the systems used are just tools. The tools are sometimes profitable at one time, and at other times sometimes less profitable. And as a man-made, of course the trading system can not be 100% correct in guessing the future. In other words, the loss of time is still reasonable.

New Loss would be worthy if the loss was kept growing and even if calculated then all your capital inedible loss. If that happens, then the solution is in your own hands. The experiences you’ve been facing are the solution. You can draw conclusions with the system you used so far. Whether it’s time for the trading system to be replaced, or Broker’s trading facility is a problem, or something else.

For those who use candle, which need to know candle pattern every broker sometimes different. This is caused by the Time Open, or the server hours of the broker in question. For this please check, do the research. Find trade buddies in different brokers or download MT4 per broker 5 -10. Note the time. Then you will see, the time server is different.

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