PROFITABLE Foreign Exchange Scalping Technique! Very SIMPLE

SIMPLE and PROFITABLE Foreign Exchange Scalping Technique!

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In this video, I’ll stroll you through an easy Foreign Exchange scalping technique I have been utilizing efficiently within the Foreign Exchange markets for the previous few years. We’ll cowl all the things from the fundamental guidelines to entry and exit!

Part 1 – Scalp Trading Overview

Scalp Trading Definition

Scalp trading is among the most difficult types of trading to grasp. It requires unbelievable self-discipline and trading scope. Scalp trading has been around for a few years however has misplaced a few of its attractions in the latest instances. Traders are drawn to scalp trading for the next causes:

  • much less publicity to danger
  • you may place as much as 100 trades or extra per day
  • capability to struggle the greed, since your profit targets are very small
  • a better variety of trading alternatives

Part 2 – Scalp Trading Methods

#1 – Scalp Trading with an Oscillator

Probably the most engaging methods to scalp the market is by utilizing an oscillator because of the lead the worth motion.

Sure, it sounds fairly easy; nevertheless, it’s in all probability one of many hardest trading methodologies to nail down.

Since oscillators are main indicators, they supply many false signals. The fact is that in the event you scalp Stocks with one oscillator, most certainly you’re going to precisely predict the worth motion 50% of the time.

Actually the equal to flipping a coin.

#2 – Scalp Trading with the Stochastic Oscillator

The gradual stochastic consists of a decrease and a higher stage. The decrease stage is the oversold space and the higher stage is the overbought space. When the 2 strains of the indicator cross upwards from the decrease space, a long signal is triggered. When the 2 strains of the indicator cross downwards from the higher space, a short signal is generated.

#3 – Scalp Trading with Stochastics and Bollinger Bands

Within the subsequent trading instance, we are going to mix the stochastic oscillator with Bollinger bands.

We’ll enter the market solely when the stochastic generates a correct overbought or oversold signal that’s confirmed by the Bollinger bands.

With a view to obtaining an affirmation from the Bollinger band indicator, we want the worth to cross the crimson moving average in the course of the indicator. We’ll stick with every trade till the worth touches the other Bollinger band stage.


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