Reasons Why People Love Forex Business

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Reasons Why People Love Forex Business

Forex trading in Bali or Hawaii 🙂

The point is that you can execute forex trading anywhere even when you are on vacation in Bali or Hawaii because the forex market or forex market is open 24 hours a day (weekends don’t open).And you can run a trading platform using a laptop or smartphone that you can carry anywhere.This is one of the ease of business that many people want and with the forex business you are the OWNER or BOSS 🙂
These are the advantages and conveniences that other conventional businesses cannot offer.

Easy to withdraw money

In the forex business, you can withdraw money whenever you want this because forex market is a very liquid place or easy to withdraw money which means you can easily sell or BUY against currency pairs because there will be lots of traders responding to transactions this and 5 trillion dollars ($ 5 trillion) in the forex market for every day.
With so much amount of money circulating in the forex market, you don’t have to worry about not being able to withdraw the money you have.
Unlike the case if you are in the business of property, land, or a car that requires a short time to be able to sell back to consumers (a few days, weeks, even years) but if you do forex trading business then you do not need a long time to be able to sell it back to the market just to get money and even profit.

No crisis

Forex business does not know the crisis even though the world economy is in crisis, the stock market is destroyed, many businesses lose and home sales are not sold. When trading forex, we can still make a profit by selling (SELL) or buying (BUY) currency pairs as nothing happens. This is because the forex business is a currency exchange business, if there is one weak currency, then one currency can be strengthened.
This is one of the advantages of a forex trading business that cannot be found in other businesses.Whatever the condition of the market, whether the market is bullish or bearish, the name of the forex trading business is still able to record profits.

Capital and Small Transaction Commission

15 years ago to be able to run a forex business required a capital of $ 50,000 – $ 100,000 because more and more people wanted to run a forex business and so did the number of existing brokers the more the smaller the capital and commission transactions imposed on forex traders . Only with a capital of $ 10 you can already run this business.

But you should not be happy first, even though to be able to open a forex trading business account you may only be charged a minimum deposit of $ 1 / $ 5 / $ 10 but to be able to record profits we still need the same capital when we open a conventional business. Please read our writing about ” The reason why many novice forex traders fail “

High leverage

With leverage you can get big profits even with small capital. And can be likened to the following, even though you have a capital of 10 million, but because there is a leverage of 1: 100, your capital will be 1 billion Rupiah.

Because leverage is a lot of people who successfully run a forex trading business, but there are also many who fail, yeah 🙂 but we don’t need to worry because the names of failures we will definitely encounter when we run any business and all we need to do is minimize losses wisely use leverage and never use it without risk analysis first.
Now that was some of the reasons why people choose forex trading business compared to other businesses. How about you? Are you ready to vote!
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