Set Your Time For Forex Trading

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Do you ever feel that you are being cheated by the forex market? It’s as if the forex market has a spy on your computer. When you BUY then with an instant the price is actually down and vice versa, you SELL then the price even rise away from your position. Or another case, when your stops level triggered the price, a few moments later the price moves in the direction of your open position that affected SL earlier. Peeve huh?

Trading does have a close relationship with the timing of trading (timing). Especially for those of you who use Day Trading style or even scalping. For example, like today you are trading and concluding your analysis and trading plan to buy (BUY) then you should be wary of when to click BUY. While in the evening there is a schedule of important fundamental data to be released. If you immediately open buy, then there is a 50:50 chance you will profit before the release of data. However, closer to the hour of release your opportunity data may change (may zoom or decrease). After the release of the data, the market will react vary and may be accompanied by panic.

Time is difficult to master, but you can still gain significant profits in trading at a less precise time if you follow some simple rules.

First, avoid leverage too high or no leverage at all. Sometimes a low price SELL position in a bullish market leads you to add positions again and again. Hope when the price corrects just a little, you already get a profit. However, most are not like that.

Second, forex traders are very difficult to determine the accurate time in positioning. You are advised to execute your trading strategy or plan and use the smallest possible leverage. Forex traders must enter the market slowly with the use of capital is not large and use minimal leverage to start trading positions.

Third, as good as any strategy or your trading plan, you should use Stop. Sometimes you will encounter extreme conditions that are opposite to your trading position and not using a stop will be a big problem for your trading. Maintaining a loss position will be more painful than doing a stop right then and there. If you believe in your trading plan but only the timing is not right, do not hesitate to repeat it again even if the stop must first.

Discipline and persistence of a trader is needed to deal with the inability to control the right time for trading. Assisted with technical analysis tools, you can achieve optimal profit., BUY NOW: $167 for a lifetime membership.