Still Sure to Use Cryptocurrency as a Long Term Investment?

Still Sure to Use Cryptocurrency as a Long Term Investment?

There are many types of financial investments that you can use today. Today’s variety of digital investments is quite attractive to the Indonesian market, one of which is Cryptocurrency which is considered easy and contemporary. But are you sure of this type of investment model? Let’s peel thoroughly in the following article.


Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple, Bitcoin Cash have heard that? They are one of the products of Cryptocurrency. In general Cryptocurrency can be explained is a technology to make digital currency. In order not to be forged, Cryptocurrency uses cryptography to maintain its security.

Buy and sell of its users is a force that determines the price value of Cryptocurrency. No wonder Cryptocurrency has been widely developed by engineering teams in various parts of the world. Even though in Indonesia, using bitcoin in transactions is actually prohibited. This is because you are just doubling your currency.

Unlike ordinary money, because it is digital, this form of currency is invisible and different from regular transactions in banking. In normal banking, the government usually controls the money supply by printing money units.

But in the world of cryptocurrency, currency production is generally restricted.There are currently only 21 million bitcoins in the world, while other cryptocurrency like Litecoin consists of 84 million units.

Apart from fluctuating limitations and values, in fact cryptocurrency like bitcoin is increasingly being looked at. However, that does not mean that cyrptocurrency investment has no risk. Call it Bitcoin, this digital currency does sound familiar lately. Because it is digital currency so it can be used in all countries.

Unfortunately, there is no official legality that controls this crypto currency. Plus because there is only in the virtual world, File Investments are vulnerable to hackers because they are done online and use internet-based networks. Also note that not all legalize transactions using cryptocurrency.

Unlike other investment spaces, cryptocurrency does not have clear regulatory space. Yes, cryptocurrency is not regulated by the government and banks so that at any time you want to complain about complaints there is no institution that guarantees it. So if there is a loss during a bitcoin transaction, it is very impossible to get the money back.


Unlike cryptocurrency, the type of investment in forex trading has another step.When compared in terms of security, you could say forex is safer. Because, forex still uses a country’s currency and is controlled by the country concerned. So that if you go abroad you still have to exchange with the currency of the destination country.

Judging from the market capitalization, forex counts so large that it is not easily manipulated. Forex trading also uses leverage so that with small capital can access large capital and large transaction opportunities.

Price movements in forex trading are also calculated faster because they use global markets. Many market participants so there are many opportunities for transactions. Even transactions can still be traded in physical form.

Forex trading has clear regulations. You can monitor your trading results from the available charts. Traders can also trade 24 hours for 5 working days. Even so, forex trading also has a high risk. If you are not careful, it is not impossible that your initial capital can run out in a short time.

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