Stock Trading

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The stock exchange (USA) and the Forex market have many differences. In Russia the stock exchange is called the stock market. What is the difference between these two markets?

1. Working on the stock exchange starts at 9.30 and ends at 4:00 pm New York time. Therefore, traders who do most of their transactions in the afternoon cannot trade actively on the stock exchange at that time. On the contrary the Forex market works 24 hours (Apart from Saturdays and Sundays, today there is no trading) which makes traders free in choosing the right time for themselves to trade

2. Because in the trading stock exchange is done with thousands of shares from various companies, it is very difficult to predict which stocks and which companies will rise or vice versa, down-it is not included to study all of these shares. For this reason, choosing several major companies to observe among the many other available company shares is a difficult task.

However, on Forex in many cases, trading is done with certain currencies, which have prices in US dollars. In addition, the price of the currency pair against the dollar and against other currencies is more influenced by economic events and news than the shares of companies on the stock exchange. It is much easier to analyze economic factors that affect many things in the country concerned. Economic news can always be accessed freely because of routine publications by the mass media.

3. As long as economic conditions deteriorate in a country and a constant market decline, investors who trade on the stock exchange face a bad problem. During this period their profits dropped significantly and sometimes even reached 0 if investors did not borrow money from brokers to deal with losses. Because the economic development cycle after its destruction there is always an increase, the duration varies from a few months to several years.

In the Forex market, which is different from the stock market, traders trade by buying an upward currency and selling down currencies. This is the main concept of trading and to get profits in the Forex currency market In addition to some of the advantages of the Forex currency market compared to the stock market, a 100% victory cannot be guaranteed as it is on the stock exchange, but in that market there is also the possibility of losing all your funds.

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