Stop Loss, How to Effectively Protect Margins in Forex Trading

Stop Loss, How to Effectively Protect Margins in Forex Trading

Margins in Forex Trading, The title above has often been read / heard. But you know, that this is very important. Not only you, we also sometimes underestimate the feature (Stop Loss), without the feature of the stop out or stop loss our account might not last long.


Whatever the best forex system, without careful planning will definitely be an imperfect system. You may have imagined, how to have a trading system that does not have a loss in each transaction. Indeed there is, when you deposit money of $ 100,000, and only open one order position with Lot 0.01. If you use Lot and deposit according to the above values, then all forex traders strongly believe that the account will never experience a margin call.

Before we discuss the benefits of using stop loss feature, we will discuss the losses that many traders experience but they don’t realize it. That is when a trader will open a position, then he just guesses where his point will cut loss or place a stop loss.

Sometimes there are only those who measure the maximum pips of loss if the price is in the opposite direction or uses important levels such as pivot points or Support / Resistance. Even worse, when the trader shifts the stop loss line, each price will touch its stop loss point.

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