Strategy Off From “Trading” Forex

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Strategy Off From “Trading” Forex

Well, that’s a newcomer forex trader named Mario. He started trying to set foot in the world of trading after hearing the excitement that seemed to interest him. He also wants to feel the sweetness of spectacular benefits using a sophisticated forex strategy , as is often the topic of conversation among his friends.

It turns out the reality is not as sweet as his dreams. Transaction after transaction ends with a loss and Mario feels disappointed. He couldn’t help wondering why other people could get big profits many times while he couldn’t get the same thing. Even if you can, the benefits gained are far less than the losses suffered.

Beginning Adventure

Mario’s disappointment to deliver it to Google. He typed the keyword ” forex strategy “. He downloaded and studied dozens of articles and e-books on forex strategies . However, instead of becoming more aware, he became even more confused.

One time he saw advertising training and trading training.  Mario was curious again and he decided to take part in a training that was quite expensive. Just so you know, there are people who are willing to provide training with costs ranging from up to 10 million rupiah for several meetings. No problem for Mario, the important thing is that he can make a big profit.

But what did he get? Nil. Repeated tragedy. He lost his money again. This time the pain doubled, because he felt he had wasted money on expensive training but he thought it was useless.

Do not be greedy!

Until one day Mario met a trader, just call him George. He told George everything. For George, this was not the first time he was used as a “vent” in desperate traders. Even before Mario finished the story, George already had an answer that he had said very often.

“You are too much curious,” George said. “Curiosity is necessary, but you must be able to control it and channel it properly. Out there, there are very many theories about trading. Trading tricks are no less abundant.Did you know that you don’t really have to learn everything? “

“But shouldn’t we always perfect our trading techniques?” Mario asked.

“Then what is the definition of ‘perfect technique’ for you?” Asked George.

“That is a technique that can create profits hundreds or even thousands of times our capital. Is that a very basic economic principle? You certainly know that, Mario answered curtly.

George smiled and said, “Doesn’t that sound too greedy? In trading, all you need to do is manage capital as well as possible so that you can produce optimal profits. Please set a target, but the target must be realistic. You also have to measure your own strength. Can you dredge a limestone mountain with only a shovel, then deliver your dredge to the city with a wheelbarrow? “

Mario paused. The ego wants to answer “can” to the last question that is actually rhetorical, but he realizes that the answer will be an unrealistic answer.

“Bung Mario, try to slightly lower your ‘perfection’ standard. Do not target only based on rupiah nominal only, but try to see your capital development. No need for grandeur. 10 percent per month, for example. Doesn’t that mean 120% a year? “George continued.

Speed ​​Is NOT The Key

“Then do I have to be satisfied and surrender to my poor ability?” Mario asked irritably.

“Certainly not. You still have to improve your ability, but certainly not instant. Keep learning, but learn the right way. No need to rush. Learn one by one. “

George continued, ” Trading forex is like a business, man. To be successful, the first thing you have to have is a strong foundation, just stepping into more sophisticated tricks. All must be carried out step by step and need time, not instant. The key is not speed, but rather consistency. The goal of a trader should not be to seek big profits in a short time, but to maintain consistency in gaining profit. “

Mario fell silent again. During this time he thought to get the maximum profit in the shortest possible time through forex trading . That thought made him “crazy” in trying various kinds of forex strategies, but he never tried to strengthen basic knowledge about analysis. He never even understood the correct trend concept, or how to read support or resistance. No wonder he was always confused and carried out all the tricks he had read randomly. There is too much information in his head, so he just becomes confused as to what to choose and run.

Nothing is perfect

“There will never be a perfect trading system,” George said, as if he could read Mario’s mind. “The harder you try to find a system that is ‘loss-free’, the more stress you will become. The further your way to success in trading. All you need to do is choose the trading system that you understand best and best suit your trading style. Remember, there is no need to try to ‘reach the sun’ by expecting hundreds of percent profit.Your hands will ‘burn’ later. Slowly, but consistently. That’s enough, “continued George.

“You don’t need to feel jealous if someone else gains more than you. The fortune is set. Thank you. Maybe it’s her turn, but if you do everything right, your turn will arrive soon, “George said again.

“Then where can I study correctly?” Mario asked half desperately.

* Inspired by a true story, the name of the perpetrator is disguised for privacy reasons

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