Ten Forex Trading Rules That Must Be Known

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Ten Forex Trading Rules That Must Be Known

There are many reasons why the forex market is the right place for trading. There are at least 10 main reasons identified.

You can trade with any trading style. Trading setup can be made on a 5 minute, 1 hour, daily and / or weekly chart.
There is a lot of information that you can though to become a trading decision. Graphics, global news, research analysts and more. All can be obtained for free.
All important information is general and disseminated in real-time.
You can earn interest from daily trading.
The size of the lot can be adjusted, regular lot, mini lot and micro lot.
Leverage can be adjusted (up to 500: 1).
Without a commission, all results of your net transactions.
You can trade 24 hours per day with high liquidity.
There is no difference between Long (buy) or Short (sell) position.
You will not be harmed more than the funds you input.
Yes, it is an advantage to be your consideration to decide trading in the forex market. In addition there are still ten forex trading rules that must be known by you. This is extracted from observations of analysts and traders’ experience of price action. You will also understand the logical approach of market conditions have a high chance of trading with trends or counter trends. However, this rule is not a guarantee of successful trading. There is no 100% accurate trading setup. That is why we show failure and success, so you can learn and understand the potential benefits, as well as the potential losses of any discussion we provide.

The Ten Forex Trading Rules are:

  1. Never allow positive trading to be negative
  2. Logic wins, “feeling” will lose
  3. Never risk more than 2% per entry
  4. Fundamental as the trigger (uptrend or downtrend), Entry and Exit technically
  5. Always looking for a strong currency pair with a weak one
  6. The decision is right but too early to be executed indicates that you are wrong
  7. Do not add positions when you are losing money and beyond the initial setup
  8. It is impossible to achieve Optimal mathematically
  9. The amount of risk can be determined, but profit targets are difficult to predict
  10. Never many reasons and seek justification
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